Kohler 20hp Courage Engines / motor houseings exsplode

1 OH, United States

I bought a 2007 cub cadet mower model 1045 20hp kohler engines,,, note, these engines are on alot of other mowers,,, look under the hood if it says kohler courage 20 hp dont buy it, I took it to a shop and they checked it out the block for the motor is pourded in a mold the block thicknes did not meet specs therefore it is faulty, I contacted kohler sorry bout my luck, second contact said look they know but they trying to slip them by,, they are cutting corners to save money people,, dont buy one,, what if I would have been over the motor or my grandchild close by,, it threw parts 30 feet,, it blew like it had exsplosives in it,, the tech on the phone laughed when I told him this and he said sorry, wow, realy, — I took care of this like it was new yesterday, I even waxed it yearly it still looks new,, just so sad the dont even have the balls to write back,, ohh and a new motor,, 4 — 700.00 realy,, never again,, I got kohler all thru our home,, spring is coming,, guess what,, its all coming out,, never again for a kohler product,,,,, I just wanted another engine thats it,, they never even offered a 100.00 off one,, so sad it sickes me,...

Mar 19, 2013

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