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Knowledge Learning Corp / PLEASE READ-IMPORATANT

1 Concord Danville, CA, United States Review updated:

I had worked for KinderCare for almost 3 years. I have been working with children for almost 8 years. It is a true passion of mine and a do great at it but I have never believed in my wildest dreams that a corporation that is supposed to be designed for the needs of young children could be so cruel and is truly not designed for a child’s needs and interests. Whom ever reads this, I understand that your obviously interested in what people have to say about the world's businesses in general let alone what type of childcares are out there safe enough and appropriate enough to send your child. I don’t believe it is worth lying about children being mistreated or mentally/verbally abused. So this post is not to make up a bunch of crap on my behalf; however for 3 years I have observed the most unfair and hurtful ploys to teachers, parents, and children. As an adult and/or parent, if you have worked or been around business corporations for awhile then you know how they can be. They care only about money, competition, hiring individuals with high college degrees, and the worst of all PLOYS against other colleagues to get what they want. Well, what do you think Knowledge Learning CORPARTION is about? Basically your child will be taught what the real world is like at the age of 3. That it can be a cruel and depressing place. The curriculum is made by bunch of professionals who have a degree from Starbucks Coffee Companies (nothing to do with child education at all). Yea, I know. I only wish I was joking. So the teachers are forced to teach curriculum that is not age appropriate for your children which will make them miserable and it doesn’t teach them anything because they don’t understand what is being taught. But wait! You can pay an additional amount of money on enrichment programs by yanking your child out of class to be taught repetitious poop on phonics and math for about 30 minutes, 2 times week for an additional 2-300 dollars a month. Sounds great right, well that is only a taste. The teachers are terribly mistreated and mentally abused by upper management and they will dig down way deep into their personal life to find a way to terminate them. For whatever reason…..Screw the fact that the teachers do their job by forcing to teach the stupid curriculum, care, nurture and love the children, as well as being commutative and kind to the parents. If the Director and/or District Manager don’t like the teacher, they don’t have a chance. I have seen great educators be let go because of deceitful District Manager who manages Concord, CA through Sunnyvale, CA. She is a serious corporate hag with a black heart and evil blood. I don’t know how she made this high in what she does. She is cruel, unprofessional and a horrible asset to what’s already an evil company. She probably has a degree from Starbucks Coffee Company as well. Let’s talk about Childcare Licensing violations. KinderCares in California alone are #1 on the Childcare Licensing Hit List. They have a whole section alone that is trying to shut all KinderCare Childcares because of the neglect of Health and Safety to the children. In one year alone I have seen Licensing write a KinderCare center 5 times for violating the rights of children. WOW! I can’t believe that center is still in business. This is only a couple things I have observed and honestly, I have a list 10 page long about Knowledge Learning Corporation negative and illegal acts. If you would like anymore information about this situation please comment this post with your email address and I will be in contact with you. This evil corporation must be stopped. Thank you and if you know a family or you have any children that uses Knowledge Learning Corporation services, please consider what is heard, not only from my post but any negative problems you’ve seen or read . I guarantee they are all probably true.

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