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Wow, thought it might have been a good outfit 2 work 4. Most things are ok but the equiptment is pure junk. Turned down the first 3 trucks. stinky, smelly, dirty, broke down pieces of *** 4 sure. Having u running with trucks that would not and cannot pass any inspection and could care less if they do. Been to 3 of their shops and talk about dum ***, these grease monkeys could not find or fix a dam thing... Have not found A TRAILER yet that was not in need of repair. Was in a yard when DM said find an empty. Yea right, of the 32 in the yard not a dam one was travel ready, flats, blow outs, missing door latches, you name it they have it. Simply *** equiptment...

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      12th of Nov, 2011
    Knight Transportation - They suck
    Knight Transportation
    United States

    What do think of a company that you give a weeks notice and they fire ya on the spot? Well knight did just that to me.thats why they suck!

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      23rd of Jun, 2012

    Knight Transportation couldn't give a rats ### about a driver. The Gulport, Miss. terminal are nothing more but a bunch of money pocketing crooks. Wayne, the terminal mgr. is the chief crook. This company should be called, "Fly By Knight Transportation". And the mechanic shop is a douchebagery.

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      8th of Jul, 2013

    I too feel the same about this so call night transportation my experience with them was a financial crisis. if u can afford to be rob or get rep-off join night . i cant, after training for 4 weeks head enough got back after being sent to new Mexico to rescue a truck they side its a ''NEW TRUCK 2013 INTERNATIONAL OUT OF THE DEALERSHIP'' no it was not more out of a international shop truck was in for 3 mouths with engine start problems and cued not be fix because of worrenty so i called my recorder kal in dallas texas told him the echo he side calll brack dowen and you know how that gos can u wait. so after 2day of no pay finely got back home to texas on the 4 of july and started to look for another job this company has a dozen or more issues i can not believe that a professionall truck driver can be treated like garbage.. this company in orientation well say heaven about how they treat ther people ''' reel family oriented''' ya lright!!!

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