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I am so disappointed in the fact that a company like SUPREME BRANDS, LLC is advertising their product ( KNIGHT STICKS E-CIGARETTES ) so dishonestly. They do not care about the consumer and the fact that many of us cannot afford to spend $99.99. I trusted and believed them when they said the cost was $9.95 and I ordered their product, as so many other people did. Then after a few days they slapped a $99.99 charge on my Visa Card ( it was so easy for them, they already had my information ). And their plan is working so well for them. I truly think they made sure that many of us would be unable to contact them until after the ten day trial period was past. Oh sure they have their quick answers when you finally get your call through. They say that because of so many calls coming in for orders that it was imposable to get all the calls through. Well I think that is a lie. I think they knew before the advertisement was out to the public what they were going to do. When I received my trial kit I was shocked to say the least. On their site ( ) they say it LOOKS like a cigarette, taste like a cigarette and feels like a cigarette. Well I didn't get the right order if that is true. The little Starter Kit I got may look like a cigarette, but it tastes like kerosene smells, and it feels like a small white iron pipe and very balky. I have no problem holding a cigarette but there is no way I could keep that thing in my fingers. When I did get my call through I told them I wanted the $99.99 charge removed from my VISA CARD. The $99.99 charge is still on my card.

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      8th of Feb, 2010

    Dear Gail41,

    I'm sorry to hear you believe that our company is using dishonest practices when advertising our product - I do not believe this to be the case at all so I would like to lay out what is advertised and disclosed to customers when ordering from us:

    -We are offering and advertising a "TRIAL OFFER" - the word "trial" is not synanomous with "sample." A "sample" is an out-right gift, while a "trial" is a time-sensitive test. Nowhere on our site or in our advertising do we use the word "sample."

    -We list detailed terms and conditions on every single page of our website; these terms and conditions must be agreed to by clicking a SUBMIT button that says directly above it in clear, visible font (not "fine print"): "By clicking SUBMIT I hereby agreee to the terms and conditions" - the terms are listed:

    *At the bottom of every single page of our site
    *In the center of the Order Confirmation Page (where you must put in credit card information and click SUBMIT to proceed)
    *In the center of the Receipt Page (displayed after your order is finalized - you are advised to print this page for your records)
    *In an email confirmation sent to you the second your order is finalized

    I truly believe that we have gone to great lengths to repeatedly disclose and provide the terms and conditions of the trial offer to customers - if a customer does not want to abide by the terms of our program then they do not have to order from us. As we offer a "trial" with terms and conditions that we list repeatedly and email to you once you order, there should never be any confusion once a customer has signed up for our program (unless the customer repeatedly ignored the terms while agreeing to them - we cannot stop people from ordering while ignoring the repeadtely listed terms).

    I'm sorry you did not enjoy the product, but you mus under

    Nowhere did we every state the cost of the product was $9.95 - the terms clearly stated you would pay $9.95 for shipping and handling fees to have the product shipped out to you, and would have a 10-day trial period from the date the produt was shipped to decide if it was right for you. If you cancel within the trial period you are not billed anything further, while if you fail to cancel within the trial period you are billed when it ends; this esentially sums up what a "trial" is. If we were offering a "sample, " then we would not repeatedly list terms and conditions that you would have to agree to in order to place an order with us.

    I'm terribly sorry if you had difficulty getting through to our customer service department as that is unacceptable - our customer service department does use an advanced system that time-stamps whenever anyone calls in, even if they cannot get through. If you could please send me a private message with some of your account information (i.e. Order #, Name, etc.) I would be happy to search the system for all possible calls from you. If you had called in prior to your trial period being over and should not have been billed, I will certainly refund you in full if that is the case.

    I'm sorry you did not like the product but you must understand that this is the entire reason we are offering the trial - so customers can try it to see if it is right for them before they are billed.

    Please do contact me by private message so I can look for any calls from you to see if you are due a refund.



    Customer Service Manager

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      10th of Feb, 2010

    I agree with the gentleman who complained. I had the same problem. Their ad is designed to trick the consumer. I bought the product at 9.95 to try it and then I got a charge for $99 on my credit card. I am reporting my complaint to the BBB and I would suggest anyone else who has been had by the ad to do the same. This is a ripoff company.

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      31st of Mar, 2010

    If You had read the terms of the "TRIAL" it states VERY plainly if you fail to call and cancel, it's $99.90 I tried it, I like It, and called to cancel after trying it (so that i would not be charged $99.90) and they not only DID NOT charge me $99.90, but they let me buy it for 49.90, and sent me refills for it!! I can't say enough about the knight stick, I've gone from a 2 and a half pack a day smoker too 1 pack a week smoker, and if i run out of regular cigs, i just use the knight stick, (but now when i do buy regular smokes, they are menthol... whats up with that?

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