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1 GA, United States

My company was contacted by RYPO asking to update information for an existing account that is up for renewal. I asked at that time if the renewal was free and I was told "yes" so I updated my information by asnwering "yes" to the sales rep's questions. Today my office received a letter from a collection agency stating we owe $500 and if we do not pay then legal action will be taken against us. I contacted the company and spoke to Ray Platel, a collection agent. He began to play the recorded conversation that was completely changed. I never heard myself ask if the renewal was free nor were the questions that were asked in the initial conversation the same as the ones being played back for me. All they had was my voice and they pieced it together with a converstation that would benefit them. I was irrate and imediately asked for dates that all invoices were sent to my company. Mr. Platel tried to say they sent an invoice in Aug. 2009 and then he said he contacted my office in Nov. 2009 and left a message for me and then called again in Dec. 2009. No one in my small office ever recalls speaking to a Mr. Ray Platel nor do they recall an invoice coming to our office. The only information we recieved was a collection note. Other than the "update" phone call we never dealt with this comapny and they never provided a service to my company. The only time we heard we owe them money was at the time of a collection bill that said our "account" was considered old debt and was being turned over to a recovery group. This is boggus and this scam must be stopped. I asked Mr. Platel about the scam that I was reading about online and he would not respond and just said we owe the money or he will sue us and ruin our credit. Let me state for the record that my company and myself are not afraid of RYPO or Mr. Platel and we will not stand for this boggus act. We will NOT pay one penny to this company. As soon as Ray Platel hung up on me I did some research online and found hundreds of compplaints about this company. The scam is getting people to answer "yes" to their questions so they can use your voice to their advantage. Do not be fooled! After researching this comapny I filed a complaint with the FTC, BBB, Attorney Genereal for the state of Georgia, and with the FBI. I know this seems like a lot but it took a total of 25 minutes and it could mean the safety of others personal information. Please let's band together and stop this scammer! I read so many reports of people caving and paying... DO NOT PAY THIS COMANY ANY MONEY! Everytime a person pays it gives this company the motivation to scam someone else. Let's stop their money income and see how well they do scamming people. MAKE THEM GET A REAL JOB AND STOP SCAMMING OTHER AND ROBBING OTHERS OF THEIR MONEY! I would just like to say one more time that my company does not care if Mr. Platel calls every single day of the week.. WE will not send any money to him or his company and we will file a complaint every single time he contacts our comapny. Do not be afraid of this scam... They will not take legal action against you because they are not a legal company. Tell them you never authorized any service with them nor do you wish to initiate service with them and you are contacting the FBI, FTC, and BBB. Then ask for their business license and say your attorney will be in touch. Hang up and do not talk to them again. Eventaully the calls will stop. My company will contact our attorney if RYPO contacts us again. THIS SCAM MUST BE STOPPED!!! Never answer "yes" to anything.. in fact do not answer any questions just state what you need to say and hang up. LET'S NOT BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES!! STOP THE SCAMMERS!

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