Kloppers / Defy / I brought a fridge and it has been nearly two months, still not repaired

1 Bloemfontein, ZA

I would like to log a complaint with a fridge that was brought from Kloppers in 2016/10/15, the purchase information as below:

Purchased Date: 2016/10/15
Delivered Date: 2016/10/17
Document ID: [protected]

When we received the fridge we found the below problems:
1. Door Rubber is bend
2. The top freezer has a thick layer of frost at all times
3. The bottom fridge also as a thick layer of frost on the back wall of the fridge

Attached is pictures of the problem of the fridge.

I waited and see if the fridge will defrost automatically and less frost in the fridge, but it just gets thicker, so I called Kloppers
after a week and asked them to report a fault on this fridge.

A technician did come and look at the fridge and he tells me it is normal and it will defrost by itself and I also showed him the bend rubber on the door and he tried to un bend it, but it didn’t work so he said he will order a door and change it for me, as the rubber cannot the replaced seperately. All this happened beginning of November 2016, since then the technician did not come back to repair the fridge, the technician did not give me any contacts, where I can get hold of him, therefore I called Kloppers to re-log a fault call for me, but up until now nobody is coming back to me. I called Kloppers today again to find out what is happening, and they told me the sales has resigned and nobody knows what is happening.

I have had this problem since I brought the fridge and it is now nearly 2 months and the fault is not repaired and I don’t know who can help me. I am worried because I might have lost the opportunity to have my fridge replaced if it is not repairable, because of all this delay in the suppliers reply.

I am very unsatisfied with this after-sale service. I brought defy because it says that there is 5 years guaranty and now it is only 1 week after purchase and the after-sale service is already so bad, I wander will the fridge last for 5 years.

The frost is so thick that it looks like the old fridge at my moms house that she used for more than 10 years, whereby it is newly brought.

Dec 08, 2016

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