Kleibers Canines / You will not get what you paid for

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I Caution anyone who thinks about buying a dog from Denise or Kaitlyn Kleiber. They sell multiple puppy breeds under the name of Kleibers Kanines & Revalation Danes. I myself along with many others have been taken by their scam. They claim to register their puppys with the AKC but never give you the papers for your puppy. We (many buyers) have been given the run around and sob stories on why the papers have not arrived. Denise Kleiber is asking top dollar for her dogs but you will not get what you pay for. Mark my words, IF YOU BUY FROM THEM YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!! We purchased a Great Dane from them in August 09 and to this day we still do not have any proof that he is AKC Registered. Check with the AKC about the complaints on these puppy millers!!


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