[Resolved] Kitson Migration AdvisoryComment on weng wai hong posting

Dear Weng Wai Hong,

I am Michael Yong from Kitson migration advisory, Kuala Lumpur. Your write up of "Kitson migration fraud inefficient staff " in the complaint board has been a serious accusation and character defamation on us.

On our record your name (Weng Wai Hong) is NOT our client, moreover we do not service client from US. You also mentioned you do not keep record of your dealing with us in your posting which lead to highly suspicious of your claim.

In the same complaint board posting there is another complaint posted by Eugene Lim having the same content with similar wording (cut and paste) against another migration agent based in Kuala Lumpur.

This unprofessional practice is a shame in our highly regulated profession. The migration agent registration authority will take serious action against registered agent unprofessional practice against other migration agents.

To set the record straight.

Kitson migration Malaysia operate since 2009, I am the co founder and partner of the firm since day one, all cases are handle by me directly, we do not have agent change.

We have a strong team of loyal staff that has been working with us since day one. None of our local staffs left our firm. You claim that your case having multiple change of agent handling of your file is malicious.

We practice very strict code of conduct issued by the department of immigration Australia which required an agent to keep client updated. All our clients are kept up to date on the progress of their application, decisions by the authority are forwarded to our clients immediately. Your claim that we keep you in the dark of your case decision is another very serious accusation.

I have file an official complaint to the complaint board of your defamation posting created by you with intend to damage our reputation. We are now seeking legal avenue against the author of the malicious posting

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    I have resolve the issue, please remove the post. Thank you

Jan 21, 2017

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