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your comercials are absolutely disgusting i cant not stand to here a bunch of gross people crunching and smacking on anything i figured the comercail would just go away but no you are draggin in out for years well i havent bought any hersheys cand bars since that commercail with people crunching and smacking on a kit kat bar has aired and beens you keep it up as disgusting as it is i figured it was time to complain they have got to go you are more intelligent then to permote bad manners with disgusting noises so i would advise you change it try to make the world a better place not worse then it has already become and i will not buy any hershey products till you do ther is always an alternative to hersheys products anyone feelin the same way really needs to speak out

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  • Pu
      Oct 22, 2012

    I agree with you. For some reason companies think disgusting people with no manners are better at selling products than people WITH manners who are not disgusting and nauseating.

    In fact, I dont even watch tv or cable anymore specifically because of all of the disgusting, gross, and obscene commercials on tv. I watch what I want online. And you know what? 99% of everything I watch online instead of tv, does NOT have commercials!! Its SOOOO nice.

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