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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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I engaged Kitchen Excellence to carry out some joinery works.

The principal Douglas Hertslet is very charming and makes you feel comfortable in engaging his company. However, from the moment they took my money they lost interest in the job.

It was a simple job and I had provided them with extensive documentation and specifications, but they were unable to carry out the work efficiently.

I was told before signing the contract that the work would take two weeks, but I could immediately see once that they commenced the work that they were out of their depth. It got to a point where I was sourcing materials for them and further installation information just to get the work completed.

The job took 18 months, you can build a house in that time period. I have been left with incomplete work and multiple defects in the joinery, the benchtop was installed poorly and damaged and the polyurethane had been scratched. The work was in general of a poor quality, so I wouldn't assume you will be getting the same quality work as on display in their showroom.

After 18months it was clear that they would not be able to complete all the works and so they offered me credits for the incomplete work. The amounts offered did not reflect the value of the work that they were unable to complete. In the end this matter proceeded to the Local Court and the judgment was made in my favour.

The whole experience was bad and got worse when Brett, the operations manager got involved, he was extremely unpleasant to deal with and clearly has some other interpersonal issues. They take no pride in their work and are only interested in the money. I have since found other negative reviews about Kitchen Excellence, and if you don't want your time wasted for an inferior product I would suggest looking elsewhere for a joiner.

Aug 15, 2016

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