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Kissling Interests, LLC. / Lack of Customer Service Skills

1 Buffalo, NY, United States Review updated:

This company call them self "The finest property Management in Buffalo NY", they definitely dont know the definition of the word finest, I move in to one of this Apt on January (Winter time) when the snow has everything cover up and dont allow you to see how deteriorated is the property, when you can not see that landscaping is not in their dictionary and worse is so cold that until summer you realize that your neighbor's can be so in to problems that cops visit this property around 1 or 2 times a month and when I say cops I mean between 10 to 20 at the same time, before living in this place my kids only saw them once at school and because there where invited. When I first saw the interior of the apartment I was not convince but I had to take in consideration that Buffalo is an old town and bldg look deteriorated, old inside and out side.
The only nice person with who I had interaction with and who show me the apartment, her name was Kim, promise me maintenance department will fix a few thing that where damage and broken like the front screen door. After 3 months they only ad a screen to the door that still is broke and waiting to be replace.
I had issues with the toilet and call the 24hrs emergency number, after more than 10 calls and around 6 messages at 10pm an employee name Louis told me he was attending another emergency and that my issue was going to be address at the morning.
I can really explain how surprise I was, specially when I come from renting with Equity Apartments which after my experience with Kissling I recommend to any one who is in search of renting (
I drive to Home Depot purchase some equipment and took care of the situation even do I'm paying $600.00 a month only including water, plus 10.00 for parking oh! they charge you 10 dollars to park your car but there is no parking available and neighbors are in constant arguments between each other for the parking's. Going back to my toilet after I had fixed my self I call and specifically NOT AUTHORIZE them to come in my apartment cuz I already had take care of the situation, and told them to contact me for more information or my authorization to come in (Law in NY state dictate that they can not come in without the tenants permission) well they did! come in, left 2 lights on, one door unlock and step on my white rug leaving a nice big stain.
In top off that after having issues with one neighbor who did not have were to park his car and wanted me to remove mine...which I did not do, I requested him to call the office next day and ask them to assign parking's because there is people who dont live here and use our parking's. This neighbor went to the property management office and came back with a statement indicating all the payments I have made so far with personal information and a suppose balance, this after a receptionist who she call Heather printed it out for her. (Privacy Policy Violation) Any way I call in a recorded line left a message to the Director of Operations of the Property Name Rose Ziggi and requested to be cal back. She call after days of leaving messages and was very rude not letting me talk and refer me to the receptionist Heather who after me explaining the situation she only say that she had to get back on me on that one (all this in the recorded line)...I'm still waiting for her call. I'm still waiting for an explanation or like in a normal office with customer service skills, an apology.
Overall this people are very unprofessional, rude, dont perform a god job or service and I hate how every month I have to send them evidence of not having any balance pending cuz they are always saying you own them something. Renting with Kissling Interests LLC. is a nightmare very disappointing they literally treat you rude and have you feel like you are paying a big amount to live in a very cheap project.
You dont know how much I want to finish my lease with them and move :-(

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      2nd of Jul, 2010
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    you have to get the board of health or housing to get them to fix anything. they don't answer the always get an answering machine. annual rent increases are high and they're always nickel and diming you to death for more fees...parking fees for a lined space! this place has a high tenant turnover, half of the apartments are empty and are not fit to live in. most of the tenants have sticks to lock down their windows. these people are slumlords.

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      7th of Feb, 2011
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    for the properties at DELSAN COURT:

    [censor] rental agency ever. illegal policy that maintenance can let themselves in at any time, without notice, without the tenant present. our property manager was stealing rent payments and cashing them in her personal bank account. we were given eviction notices even after paying rent. the notices said 'notice to vacate: you have not paid rent and must vacate the premises within 3 days" which is illegal in new york state. all of my neighbors were crack dealers. all of them. every single one. i could go on and on. don't move here.
    oh, and i'm not kidding about this; every week there was poop in one of the on-site washing machines. if there wasn't poop in the machine, the whole laundry facility was closed. at one time, it was closed for 2 months. it also regularly flooded. don't move here. if you do, you will regret it within a month.

  • Jt
      24th of Jun, 2012
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    Avoid apartment buildings owned by Kissling Interests at all costs. To call the property manager a "complete ###" is overly simplistic. The manager of the 175 North St building does not return phone calls or emails. She has little to no knowledge of the inner workings of the building. The maintenance crew are idiots. They are currently doing construction on the building, and the building is in complete disarray. It looks like a bomb went off inside the building. The construction crew is at least 6 months back from their target dates of completion. Almost everyone in the building has decided to jump ship. The laundry facility was supposed to be redone in 1 week. That was 6 weeks ago, and it's still not done! It's crazy. Even people that initially signed on to stay have decided to leave the building. Besides the construction mess, however, the people that own this property are constantly trying to nickel-and-dime the residents. One day it'll be, "Don't use this elevator. There are cameras and you will be fined $50." The next day it'll be, "You need to evacuate your apartment for fumigation or you will be fined $300." There are a million examples of this. I don't even know if this practice is legal, to be completely honest. Even the simple things, like say, having a constant temperature of water for a shower, are lost in this building. Awful. Awful. Awful. Stay as far away from these people as possible. Tell your friends and your family. Rent from another company.

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