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Kirk Wheeler in Arizona (solemole) / Fraudulent Ebay Buyer

1 AZ, United States Review updated:

Kirk Wheeler, who goes by the ebay username of "solemole", scams buyers in an odd way. After he buys something, he emails the seller saying the the U.S. Postal Service does not deliver in his area and asks the seller to ship UPS and he will reimburse them the extra funds. It cost me $10 to ship a very small envelope to him which would have cost less than $2 by the USPS. I sent him countless emails informing him of the amount owed me. He never responded. After awhile, I finally left a negative feedback for him. This was my only recourse. He followed up a reply by saying that I sent him no emails and that I "put the brown in Brownsville, Texas". He also said that the post office just opened up where he lived. I asked the postal service myself if this was true and they told me that his location ALWAYS had postal service. And since he replied to my feedback, he HAD to be aware of the fact that I was trying to contact him and STILL did not ever pay me for the premium shipping he requested, so this tells you it was his intention to never pay me. He also did not pay for another item he bought from an ebay seller a few months later. And he sent a worthless expired check to yet another ebay seller. Since the negative feedbacks he has received don't even show up on his current profile (it says 100% positive) and sellers can no longer leave negative feedbacks for scammers like this, is the only recourse for sellers that have been cheated. Now other sellers can be aware and add this scammer to their blocked bidder list to avoid a similar situation. So that this Kirk Wheeler is not confused with the many other persons with the same name, his unique information is below.
He gave a review on about a monitor he bought and he used the location "Reserve, NM" as his address. But it was the same Kirk Wheeler since the email was the same.

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      27th of Jan, 2009
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    I ordereded a CD from a store on Ebay named ohdarnitallsales. It was a hard to find item in the Blues and Jazz genre. Not only did the seller ship the item on the same day it was ordered, they gave me another free CD at no charge at all. The shipping was free anyway. It was a used but very clean cd (both of them). I told two friends (we aren't the richest people on the planet) and they too had their items shipped on the same day they bought it and received the nicest communication. These sellers are not power sellers, their items look cool and they take care of their customers. With all the negative comments about Ebay I'd just like to point out that this sellers is pretty darn nice. My aunt is a vintage jewelry buff (is that what you call it ladies??) and she said the quality of the pins she bought was really good and the stones truly were vintage like she saw from her Mother's stuff. It is really nice to buy something online, have it packed well and on top of that, be there within days. ohdarnitallsales is in the west and I on the east coast and got mt items in two days. So did my aunt and my wife's friends. You never hear about sellers like this. My school mate's sister's Mom called her on the phone about a special order and found out that she collected antique dolls so her Mom bought one for her daughter. You only hear about the power sellers who buy their items from someone else, which is ok if the customer gets what they want but it's like driving on an old country road and coming across a Mom and Pop store, with an old coke machine in front, where it is reasonable and just mellow to shop. The owner makes all of her things which include Christmas ornaments and I thought I'd just give a shout out to ohdarnitallsales. Of course they dont make the CD's but the service was the same. people like this deserve some good customers. ohdarnitallsales

  • Li
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    If you're selling on eBay you should be wise to understand all shipping information. Remember don't trust anyone. Especially on the internet. I use which is the united postal service. You can actually check his zip code compared to yours and see if it will be deliverable mail. You should put on your eBay listings in the details that You will not ship by any other methods unless otherwise stated.

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