Kirby DermatologyDr. Will kirby cheats patients with toxic substances

Do NOT go to Kirby Dermatology or to Dr, Will Kirby or his sick, predator, thief, scam artist assistant: Maureen Doddy also known as Maureen Doddy also known as Maureen Doody.
Maureen Doody is behind all of the scams that Dr. Will Kirby has victimized his patients with.
Maureen was the one who formulated the scam in which, when patients pay for Juvederm or other filler, Dr. Will Kirby actually injects them with illegal, off-label HARMFUL AND TOXIC CHEAP SUBSTANCES, INSTEAD.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Hermosa Beach, CA
Maureen and Dr. Will Kirby have made thousands upon thousands of dollars with this horrible and disfiguring scam.
Patients are in the middle of law suits against Maureen an Dr. Kirby.
Worse yet, Dr. Kirby is also a secondary figure (the prominent mastermind, of course, is sociopath Maureen) in preying on juveniles.
Now, would you or should anyone else take ANY risk with their lips, cheeks, face, or other crucial body parts, by going to such an office with these two dangerous scam artists and predators?

Jan 20, 2017

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