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1 K-mart shopping center Sinking Spring Pa, Sinking Spring, PA, United States Review updated:

I purchased what I thought at the time was a brand new 2011 scooter for 995$ not counting every thing I needed to drive off lot which was 1250$ First worked well slowly deteriated asked salesman was told we dont have tow truck, Secondly pink slip with description had box maeked brand new also color red no year just scooter. I late inquired how was I to have serviced I was given a web site where I could order parts, it gets even better first the person who sold me the scooter told me to bring in right away and thast he would give 1000$ trade in on any thing in lot. Well I COULD Not afford to buy another vehicle later that week I call again mind you I am documenting all these excchanges that I am having with them. I get amanager he tells me bring it in we will look at but saleman told when I called several times before we dont have a tow truck so i interpreted that as they were really not interested in helping me get it fixed. Than I speak with sale manager again he says he is going to speak to owner and see if they can remedy problem scooter was bought with my mothers visa thank God. So I speak directly to the owner and he tells me the vehicle is to old to buy back when I have documentation that It only ran for 3nd a half months yet when I purchased it it did not sdtate 2008 left over sitting in a cfrate for 3 years not asssemlbled sitting a warehouse or a cargo ship to my dismay I try again he tells me there is nothiong he could do for me so what I had to is file a complaint with bureau of consumer products they lied there record keeping waws horrible the sales poeple treated me awful on the telephone I tried so many times to ask for help that fell on deaf ears you tell me you go to the bank and tell them you would like a 2008 uncirculated penny and than you ask them for a 2012 mpennhy which penny is brands new to you obviously the 2012 my pointis principle now I was treated like pardon my english but poorly would be giving credit where its not due. By the way my Mother purchased a 2010 accent she a coupon booklet every other dayu from them do you they gave any thing in mail. Nothing not even the courtesy to see if I like the my supposedly brand new vehicle that had beensitting in a crate in warehouse god knows where expandind and contracting. Now All that I ask is this night mare to be over and that this does not happen to anybody else. I want my money back for fruadulently leading me on about the fact BRAND NEW . No I dispute that it was 3 years old whenI purchased the scooter. I have all documentation even my insurance company told me to file a complaint with there insurance company but they would not give me there insurace company s name so All I can say be very carefull when you go to savage hyundai in sinking spring, Pa because if they can almost legally steal from an honest person and makle something 3 years old brand NEW that is impossible. Thank you I hpe that I can help just one person this will all be worth the anguish

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