Kings Mitsubishi Breakwaterwarranty

Hi to whom this may concern,

I have had alot of dealings with Kings Mitsubishi Breakwater Geelong. In this said my original warranty claim was for the timing belt pulley, it collapsed at 95, 000km and the car has had nothing but trouble since.
Sadly for me I've had 7 warranty visits with the same problem. 5th time round it was 2 faulty injectors resolving the issue, after picking up the vehicle 4 times prior, again told it was in great working order and it still had the same acceleration problems from when I took it back the second time.
So here I am again a few months later after the car finally being repaired well and now I have the same faults and no one can rectify them. I was even told by the Manager Matt that there is no problem that it drives perfectly, the same as 2 other models the same as mine. He later admitted it was only one other car he drove.

It lacks power down low, flat spots between 2000-3000 rpm and not to mention no power to take off at all and occasionally the turbo will not kick in, it just goes through the gears when the accelerator is flat to the floor without turbo kicking in.
I'm sick of the lack of care and rude arrogance of Matt whom seems more worried about returning the loan car than repairing mine. It seems waisting my time driving 1hr and 30 minutes back and forth when I should be at work is just normal.
Last visit number 7 I believe, the car was kept for one week with still no answers. I just got told they require the Tech from Melbourne and I have to pick up the car until they can rebook me in again. I asked Matt if they found a fault he replied I don't know but they odviosly wouldn't go down this road if they didn't find a problem.
But who would know because odviosly there is not one mechanic in Geelong Mitsubishi that can problem solve or diagnosticly find faults.
To also mention my car had been taken to Waurnponds branch last week where Sean was involved and helpfully tried to keep me in the loop, but to find know faults. Still he believes that there could be a problem so he is getting in contact with this Tech from Melbourne.

Although I have little faith that there is a capible person working at Mitsubishi as the original mechanic who repaired it to proper working order at 5th go round unfortunately for me does not work there anymore, but at least he believed there was a problem and finally rectified it with 2 new injectors...unlike the extremely rude and careless Matt...

Could the other 2 injectors be the problem as it is the same annoying issues as the last time...?
I am really tired of this, can't anyone just please fix my car?

P.s forgot to mention even on the workings of the timing belt the front guard had to be repaired as it was deeply scratched and required painting. It just keeps rolling on...

Frustrated and stressed out

Regards Terry

Jul 29, 2018

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