King's Kars / gave me a non-existent warranty and lied about the condition of a vehicle.

While looking for a truck as a gift for my nephew, I came across a facebook page for king's kars (@kingskarselizabeth) with decent prices and quite a few good the posting for their vehicle they wrote, "all of our cars are inspected by dot". I was assured that we wouldn't have any issues because of the dot inspection and warranty. After getting the old model f150 home and driving in town for about a week our engine locked up. I contacted mr. King and tried to use the warranty but he said he would try to stop by and take a like at it. He didn't show up twice. Then, he started avoiding my calls. After researching what a dot inspection is, I think they're using false advertising on facebook in reference to the dot claim. Mr. King ripped me off.

Jun 03, 2018

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