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I was part of a bridal party that included five girls. The bride selected this dress maker because they advertised that they do custom dresses for less money. We ordered our dresses with specific instructions, we wanted the color to be chocolate brown, we wanted the back of the dress to be longer than the front, and the flower was suppose to be burnt orange. The dress came and it was more cofee than chocolate brown. The flower color got changed weeks earlier because they did not have the color, and the back of the dress was not longer. I specifically ordered a bolero jacket to match my dress and they were two different colors and I could not wear them together. I was beyond frustrated but since the pickup of my dress was the day before the wedding I decided not to stress the bride out with the problems. All five bridesmaids dresses were tearing and separating throughout the night. The quality of the dresses were not that great. On one of the dresses it actually came with a hole on it. We simply did not get what we asked for and would like a portion of our money back.

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      Jul 30, 2011

    Our store does all custom, handmade gowns to the specific requirements of our customers. The bride of the bridal party mentioned, chose the dress and the color, not the bridesmaids. The bride was shown swatches to choose from and she is the one who chose the brown color of their dresses. She had originally wanted for the Maid of Honor's dress to have a pumpkin colored sash and flower, but that color was not available. I was going to personally give the bride some pumpkin material of my own so that she could have the dress the way she wanted it. The bridesmaids dresses were to have a different colored sash and bow from the Maid of Honor. These decisions were made nearly one year prior to the ordering of the dresses. When the bride arrived to order the dresses, she had decided that she wanted the bridesmaids to have the pumpkin color instead of the Maid of Honor. Unfortunately, I did not have enough material of my own to give to her for four dresses, only for one. She then chose to have the bridesmaids in champagne and the Maid of Honor in ivory. That was the decision of the bride, not of the bridesmaids or myself. The length of the back of the dresses compared to the front of the dressed was longer on all the bridesmaids dresses. Maybe it was not as long as she had imagined or wanted. When Tamika went to order a bolero jacket to go with her dress she requested a sheer material be used. I questioned this decision and let her know that there would be a color difference if she chose to use organza instead of the taffeta of the dress for the bolero jacket. She said she preferred the sheer material, so that is what I ordered. The dresses for the bridesmaids were actually available for pickup 8 days prior to the wedding, but many of the girls, including Tamika, chose not to pick them up until a day or two before the wedding. Each dress undergoes many levels of quality control, starting with the seamstress who makes the dress. I then personally check them and so does the woman who steams the dresses. It is not possible that there was a hole in a dress when it was picked up by the customer. After the customer tries on the dress to verifies that it is good, they pay the balance and sign their receipt. Nobody had any complaints about their dresses when they picked them up and each girl signed their receipt in acceptance of their dress. As for the quality of the dresses, this particular style is one of our most popular bridesmaids dresses and we have never had a complaint. I am curious however why Tamika would submit such false accusations nearly 11 months after the wedding, and never once contact me directly regarding this matter.

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