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Kings Canyon Park Services - Grant Grove Restaurant / Falsification of receipt

1 United States

After very pleasant vacation in Sequoya National Forest and Kings Canon, I finished end of the day at Grant Grove Restaurant and gift shop facilities. Gift shop was fine and sales stuff nice and pleasant. I purchased one T-shirt from saleslady Penny, Terminal: # [protected]-002004, Transaction: # 170066, Total $14.00 with no problems whatsoever. Later that same day I ordered chicken dinner at Kings Canyon Park Services - Grant Grove Restaurant, and that was totally unreasonably not that nice experience. Restaurant was not so busy, but I waited for about 15minutes for waitress to approach me, after ordering dinner I waited again unusual amount of time, …nothing wrong but it was surprising when cook come out with dinner and served me?????? Facial expression of ladies who served guests were arrogant and when talking to me they finished sentenced from way above. Then when I like to pay and go out no one had no idea what I had to pay for. All this mess was unacceptable but nothing special to make scene out of it, so I just paid and left. However my big surprise was when I come home and checked my credit card account I saw that your restaurant stuff overcharged me $9.00 original bill was for $17.99.

Details from CC receipt:
Name: Brittany
Table: 8
Check: 72847
Pre-Auth: 387045

Only way that you can charge $9.00 extra is if someone input that amount on the CC receipt Tip: and Total: lines which constitute falsification and it is very much illegal by US law.

Those guys have to understand that some of as who speak with accent and messing up with grammar… We are not stupid we can think with same intensity and result like any other English speaking person.

It does not mater that amount is only $9.00, I will;

1. Report this to the proper government agency
2. Post it on popular internet forums to help other people not to come in same fraudulent situation
3. Request refund of my money trough CC Company

Hopefully you will find this email helpful and find you self in stupid situation that some high school waitress adding numbers to your already signed receipt.

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