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Kingfisher Airlines / Horrible service!

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I was recently traveling by Kingfisher Airline to Bangalore as I was really surprised as to how snobbish their crew was. It took me four attempts to ask the crew for a glass of water, the crew were not at all busy and I could see them chit chatting away to glory in the rear of the aircraft, after much fuss, I was given a glass of water as if I was given some alms. When I asked for a feedback form, I was denied for that as well. This is a rubbish airline giving rubbish service, I'd still prefer to fly on Indian or Jet Airways as their service is a million times better.

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  • Do
      3rd of Jun, 2011
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    Kingfisher Airlines - Cheating offers from Kingfisher
    United States

    I recently started using Kingfisher airlines, as I have been using just Jet Airways previously. I feel should go back to my old days travelling in Jet.
    As part of the promotions for Gold customers there are some promo codes released, with a lure of direct flights return bookings (free except taxes). If you try using the promo code on King Fisher airlines it does not list any direct flights, do the same without the Promo code, bang there are direct flights available.
    These guys are such a cheat, and their marketing philosophy of capturing customers by cheating and then ripping off classic...
    Such a shoddy cal center...gosh...
    Just be aware of getting trapped into such fradulent lures...
    Thanks Jet and Go-air's of the world...Bye-bye Kingfisher...

  • Dr
      20th of Oct, 2010
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    Horrbile experience

    I travelled from Delhi to London by IT 0001 on 17th sept 2010. This has been one of my worst air travel experiences.

    The staff on board was arrogant and rude. My personal entertainment system did not work through out the 9:30 hrs journey and they were unwilling to help me.

    I asked 3 times for the complaints book but they refused to get it.

    Do we pay for this type of service!!!

    Sukarma Tanwar

  • As
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    Kingfisher Airlines - cancelation of ur flight

    I had booked tickets of kingfrisher red for 15th SEPTEMBER 2010 on flight nos. IT3126(COIMBATORE-MUMBAI), IT3157(MUMBAI-UDAIPUR), and IT4301(UDAIPUR-JODHPUR) on 16th JUNE 2010. And now suddenly when i check your website i find that the UDAIPUR-JODPUR flight has been cancelled.. As soon i saw that, i contacted your customer care and a day after d contact they hav offered me the tickets of 14SEP 2010 from COIMBATORE-MUMBAI flight no. IT3126 and of 15th SEP 2010 from MUMBAI-JODHPUR flight no. 9W2543(jet airways). But now due to your cancellation of flight my one day gets wasted as i have to depart from coimbatore on 14th itself . Also where would i stay in mumbai that night would be an additional expense to me. So i would request you to kindly arrange atleast for the stay in mumbai. please do the needful and reply at ((

  • Sn
      21st of Jul, 2010
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    That is not the problem of the airline. If they were to even suggest that she did anything wrong they could be sued. Not to mention that she might be a good customer and any such question to her could cost them an important account. You and you alone are responsible to protect property in your possession. Consider it the cost of a lession in life! Move on!

  • Sa
      21st of Jul, 2010
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    Kingfisher Airlines - mobile stolen from flight no IT204
    kingfisher airlines

    I was traveling from banglore to lucknow from flight no IT204 at seat no. 34D . when the flight reached at Indiragandhi iternational airport it was announced to switchoff the mobiles. I switched off the mobile since then the lady passenger sitting at seat no 34F going to Chandigarh by your flight travelling till Delhi by IT204 flenched down . As she get down I got to know that my mobile was taken by her and immidiately I told this to airhostess and security staff of Kingfisher and I also told them that let me ask the lady because ifyoo will ask it will be against consumer relations . But not even a single staff of airlines co-operated me nither they let me to ask that lady.
    The staffs of kingfisher told me that when you will reach Lucknow meet to our staff since then we will search your mobile but when I reached Lucknow the attending staff of kingfisher airlines behaved very rigidly when I asked about my mobile and told them what was told me by the security staff at Delhi airport.
    I felt too much guilty and unbelieving

  • To
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    I definetly agree especially when people travel in free tickets from stolen credit cards, they behave badly to the hostess. This bad lingering taste can impact the other travellers also from the crew.


  • Al
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    Well Guys i had a good experiance as i travelled from bangalore to pune well my name is aali... the service was good i think so first the lady who was a bit rude.. but the other one was good she spoke to me well treated well we are good friends now i can say we are going around i would not prefer to take her name here but i always get good service not only becuase the air hostess is my girlfriend but i am satisfied with their service provided... over all i can say flying in kingFisher is great and Money is Worth what they provide..
    Ali Kittur.

  • Ki
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    I totally agree with you all. They bilked money out of me!!! giggly and forgetful staff..They know to say SORRY very well for almost everythign. I will never fly Kingfisher in my life!! ever, ever again!!

  • Ro
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    Yes Ramesh
    There is truth to your words. Kingfisher have appointed just good looking good for nothing staff. I was stolen off with my Digital camera while coming from leh to New Delhi. This was done with my baggage in custody with the airlines security. They have been giving excuses but are really not trust worthy. Vijay Mallya who so confidently declares his airlines with the best services, is not approachable, with his staffers making all sort of stories. It seems to be now one of the worst Airlines flying. Money does not make reputation the services does.

  • Ra
      24th of Aug, 2007
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    I totally agree with you, the other day I received an email from one of my friend and I was surprised to see the contents of that email, it had the Kingfisher staff drinking alcohol in front of the aircraft in one of the nights. Everyone knows that the airport is not a place to drink be it staff or be it commuters. If their staff are drunk on duty, who flies their machines then?? So I totally agree as the crew might have been heavily intoxicated and didn't pay heed to your requirement.

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