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Kim's Hair Design & Studio / the whole place

1 11113 e 41stTulsa, OK, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 918-622-7568

Let me start by saying I never put my purse down anywhere at any time while I was here. The place was dirty, floors, cabinets, rolling trays, NOTHING was clean. I have hard to perm hair and told the girl this, mind you she didn't know my goddaughter is an award winning stylist. Before I knew it SHE decided I needed a spiral perm ( a lazy way out of a good perm job, and dough!, NOT for hard to perm hair. I told her I've had them and they'd fallen out within a week or so. Non the less she insisted. I should have left then and there but I was emotionally weak and stayed.( The reason for the perm was to life my spirits as I had just spent the last 4 months caring for my best friend who passed from cancer We were to have a spa date together but Carolyn passed 2 days before our appointment) I was desperate to find a perm and this salon was close. Mind you I am from Arkansas, this took place in Oklahoma...I always try to research any place before I make an appointment, again I was grieving and just booked the first appointment I could get.
I know you can't control your customers but the place was full of very opinionated bigots using the N WORD like Pentecostals praising the Lord!
There was no one getting a manicure at the time but the employees used the clippers, finger nail files and such, then just tossed them back in the try they came out of, waiting for the next customer to come in. No cleaning, no sanitizing, NO NOTHING!
For heavens sake even the mirrors at the hair stations needing cleaning. I am not overly MANIC about cleaning but I do own a cleaning business and this salon needs training in the sanitizing, HECK, just basic cleaning would work wonders!!
Again, if I had not been in such a weak place at the time (November '08) I would have walked out AFTER voicing my opinion and before my hair was finished. On top of it all, my perm fell out in 2 weeks! The price was fair when I booked the appointment...but even at free, I'd never return.

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