Kimono / Non receipt of product

1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

I purchased a silk kimono for my mum, it was supposed to be her Christmas present. However, I still have not received it. My initial contact with ncrowd stated that it would take 2-4 weeks for it to be shipped. I allowed this time to elapse and I have now received 3 emails from different reps of ncrowd stating that they are contacting the company and will get back to me. That was 8 days ago and despite their emails stating 2-3 business days, I am still no closer to receiving the product... I checked and it definitely says 2-4 weeks and not 2-4 months, which may be more accurate... Help!!! My mother is going away in February and I really would like her to be able to take it with her!

Jan 28, 2015

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