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Kimkins / Don't fall for the Kimkins diet scam!

1 529 North McKinley Street 104-309, Corona, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (951) 258-3976

Heidi Diaz (aka Kimmer, Kim Drake, et al) lied about losing 198 lbs. in 11 months. She used pictures taken from Russian Bride websites to perpetuate that lie and for the fabricated "success stories" she posted on her website. She preys on the desire to be thin harbored in all of us. She uses MySpace and Yahoo! Answers and gaming areas and alleged celebrity dieters to target our teens and teach them how to develop eating disorders. When a private investigator caught her on film last year, it was readily apparent that she had never lost the weight and was in fact larger than her rather large before pictures. She admitted to the lies at her deposition for the Class Action Lawsuit, yet still posts photoshopped pictures on her website, "claiming" that she is losing weight.

She preaches a very low calorie diet, claiming that you really don't need to eat, that your body can live off the fat you have stored. She encourages people to eat less and less, many eating 500 calories per day or less. She appears to take perverse pleasure in encouraging them to cut their calories even lower when their bodies protest and try to stop losing. She is teaching these poor folks how to be anorexic and they aren't even aware of it. Many of those who have left Kimkins and have tried to return to eating properly face battles with eating disorders and the fear of eating too much when in reality they are still unable to do anything but eat too little.

Even after the medical issues start to appear, Heidi claims it to be "normal" for one to lose massive amounts of hair; "normal" to stop having your monthly cycle; "normal" to be dizzy occasionally, and so on. While she encourages them on to eat less and less, and tells them their symptoms are normal, many are doing irreparable damage to their bodies: losing muscle mass, including heart muscle tissue. Thankfully, there is a Class Action Lawsuit in the works to help make people more aware of the dangers of the Kimkins Diet.

Please, if you know of anyone following Kimkins, please encourage them to see their doctor, to start eating more food, to add some fat back into their diet, so they don't literally starve themselves to death. Do a web search and learn more about the Kimkins Diet Scam yourself. Visit the Kimkins Survivors weblog and read the stories there. Don't fall for this scam. Don't let Heidi claim any more victims. Spread the word.

Friends Don't Let Friends Do Kimkins. Be a good friend. Say NO to Kimkins!

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  • Ba
      14th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes
    Kimkins - Online diet fraud!
    529 North McKinley Street 104-309
    United States
    Phone: (951) 258-3976

    This diet is marketed as a quick weight loss scheme. The selling points were based on the supposed success of the founder Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer. She claimed to have lost nearly 200 pounds in 7 months. She also claimed to have kept it off for 5 years. Heidi Diaz AKA Kimmer lied about her own weight loss. She posted false after pictures of herself, stolen from Russian bride websites. Practically all of the success stories were fabricated. Once again posting pictures from the Russian bride websites.

    The diet was featured in Woman's World magazine in June 2017, claiming to be better than gastric bypass surgery. Heidi Diaz made 1.2 million in that one month alone from taking advantage of people desperate to lose weight. She preys on those who are the most desperate.

    This diet has made lots of people sick especially with their mental views towards food where these people end up afraid to eat. What's worse is that it has been heavily marketed to teenagers as well. On their forum they had a 14 year old girl struggling to eat only 500 calories per day. She wasn't even over weight!

    This scam called kimkins has made it to national TV across three different channels. There is a class action lawsuit on file at this time. She has admitted in her deposition to having fabricated hers and other success stories. Members are encouraged to go to lower and lower calorie levels. Suffering serious side effects. Eating Disordered behaviors abound.

    Beware of this scam. Losing weight is not worth losing your life.

  • Oh
      15th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thank you so much for writing this review. Everyone needs to know about this disaster of a site, before losing their money and their health.

  • Ba
      15th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Very Good Review!!!

    The fact that Heidi Diaz specifically targets teens is an outrage. Thank you for bringing this to light.

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