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Kidney Specialists of NV(Dr. M. Kassahun) / Botched Kidney Surgery

1 5701 W. Charleston Blvd #201Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:

Early in August, quite by accident, while in the emergency room, I was fund to have a very small malignancy on my right kidney. I went to my PPO and had a MRI to confirm it. I was sent o a Urologist, who scheduled me to have my right kideney removed. After I showed him my scar from an earlier surgery, he said that if he could not remove my kidney orthroscopically, he would have to remove it openly remove it and I would be in the hospital 5 days instead of the 3 days for the Ortho removal. I told him that was okay.

On 9-2-08, I was admitted to Summerlin Hospital to have my kidney removed. I awoke in severe pain. He told me that he removed it Ortho. but found some adhesions, but everything was okay.
Two days later my abdoman started to swell, and I started running a fever. I walked the corridor, however each day, I got weaker every day. I was told that I had to eat and wasw given something for nausea so I could keep the food down.
On 9-11-08, In the afternoon, my tray was taken away from me, after the nurwse was pushing me to eat the spaghetti. I was told then that they needed to take me to emergency surgery later that afternoon. That surgery, found that I was suffering from Sepsis/Perotinitis, they found my abdominal cavity full of feces and undigested food. They had to remove nearly 10 inches of my small intestine along with a quarter of my colon. This was because during the initial surgery, my surgeon nicked both my colon and small intestine. They had to go through my intestines and abdominal cavity to clean it up. I woke up on a ventilator and in excrutiating pain.
They had to put me on a wound vac to speed up healing.
On 9-18-08. to add insult to injury, I was again taken to surgery to correct an infection caused by improper wound care.
On 9-24-08 I was sent to Harmon Medical Center a Rehab Hospital, and then on to Vegas Valley Rehab, until I was sent home on 10-28-08 in a hospital bed, and in the care of a home health aide, a home health nurse and a physical therapist. It was not until after Thanksgiving that I was able to get around the house without my walker.

I am now able to drive my car, however am still weak. My Doctor says that it will probably take a year to get back to some form of normality.

In Nevada in 2005 a new medical malpractice law was passed. which limits the liability of th physician. No attorney wants to take a medical malpractice case. I should probably consider myself fortunate, I have a friend that is an attorney. However he is ill. He is guiding me and telling me what paperwork and records that I must get. He is trying to find someone who will take my case.

I have the records to prove the above.
Margaret Wright
301 Sunbeam Dr
Las Vegas, NV89107

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  • Bu
      29th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    god forbid if i ever need surgery, i will be refusing treatment if the doctor is an indian.. incompetence from tech to healthcare..

  • Ag
      10th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    First of all he's not Indian he is American/Ethiopian. How do I know well he is my Doctor and he has saved many lives. He has also fought for your freedom. Yes yours and everyone elses, He is currently active in the United States Army and has gone to Afghanistan for 2 tours of duty. I agree there is doctors that are not the best, but has anyone stop to wonder why this Doctor only has 1 complaint out of thousands of surgery's that speaks volumes! Could it be that this women has had prior surgery's and had lots of scare tissue thus it made thing difficult. There could be so many reasons that a Doctor is not at fault, from prior illnesses, especially diabetes, immune problems. These people don't heal as well. So that puts a Doctor in a spot do I not do Surgery for fear of problems and let her die of cancer or do I take the risk and know cancer is gone ? Even weight is a HUGE factor those people are at higher risk for infection and problems then everything else! I can probably bet this Doctor explained all the risks very clearly.

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