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Fry's was my favorite haven to purchase every electronic piece my family owns in our home (with the exception of one computer). I bought a brand new, unopened box of Kicker ik501 Speakers for my iPod. The price was around $149 and some change when the checker scanned the box. When I decided to go back within 1o minutes of buying the speakers, I grabbed another 2 boxes which were identical to what I just purchased, and Fry's wanted to charge me $249. They suggested the original box I purchased was a different model. I spent 30-45 minutes arguing with Henry Alvarez, the manager that night, that they were the same, and asked him to explain the different prices if they were identical products. He not only raised his voice, but constantly interrupted me. He changed his story from 1: different model, to 2: wrong label, to 3: wrong bar code. We brought the box that I purchased back into the store, and I took several pictures of them to prove they were identical...even the pricing stickers.

He refused to honor the price, and tried to tell me that the boxes were different. It was the same manufacturer, the same model, the same box. See the pictures for yourself. The funny thing is they both had the same PLU number, and it was the first and original sticker on both boxes. He refused to get me in touch with the store manager. When I asked for the phone number, he gave me the generic store number. I told him I wanted an extension to the store manager. He provided me with a phone number that had no answering machine, and did NOT lead me to any manager. The number was [protected]. Henry also refused to print out a quote for both boxes so I could show the manager what I was talking about to make sure he knew I wasn't making this up. They could tell me later that "prices change" etc, etc, but I needed to show the issue the same day that I made the purchase. He told me that they don't offer quotes, so I started to get upset and told him, any dummy on the floor races to get me a quote page to receive credit for the sale, and I was tired of his games and tired of him wasting my time.

In the time I was requesting that they honor the price, they shut down their registers, and systems right in front of me, and told me they were closed.

I'm so irritated and disgusted with their customer service, and most importantly the fact that they are selling the same product, in the exact same building on the same day, for two different prices. My purchases would have been about 10 minutes apart. I'm so disappointed, I feel like I could rant about this for weeks. I'm hoping somebody at Fry's can change my opinion, because I'm kinda depressed about the idea of shopping at Best Buy or Amazon.

Fry's is selling products with two prices. Be VERY careful about your purchases. Pay attention to your receipts. Fry's doesn't own up to their mistakes, or when someone catches them playing pricing games. I will be pursuing Fry's Corporate, and contacting the BBB. They are so concerned with losing money from their mistakes, they make it more apparent that they could care less about their loyal customers that spend hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Kicker ik501 Speakers
Kicker ik501 Speakers
Kicker ik501 Speakers

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  • Pa
      5th of Feb, 2010

    Seeing this and the way it was written with all the supportive details and photos, I will never go to Fry's for any purchase. That guy should be fired! Period. He has no place dealing with the public and does a diservice to the company for which he works.

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