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1 Venezuela Review updated:

We want to make my knowledge of his discomfort by the time my truck repair Kia Carnival plate NAK-93S, which had committed errors of planning and procurement of spare parts for quality control of repair. Then tell a few events in chronological order:
1. In early February the truck entrance to his workshop referred to after sales service, for a failure of the straps of synchronization between the two trees of a cam of the compression cap.
2. The engine was inspected for damage assessment until they reach 2 months of spare parts required and deemed necessary to correct the damage that was estimated by the engine. Including valves, belts of time empacaduras game and spark plugs, but that is the case after discovering the damage, which resulted in 2-cylinder valves were broken causing damage to pistons, cylinder liners and connecting rods.
3. In April ordered the additional parts required for the damage produced, but it is the case that the cylinder liners were not supplied and the manufacturer KIA letter requesting to send the new piston from the home country (Korea) shirts with the clearances for the type of piston.
4. After some time, received the shirts and when the activity is installation of the covers of compression, they find that the new cap does not supply compression valve is installed and then they are ordered.
5. In June, received the valves and caps are sent both compression (New and Old) for grinding a workshop for installation and adjustment for tight seal.
6. Received all the parts the engine was assembled in July, when start-up and test operation, the engine failure in a compression of the cylinders, so its technicians suspected mal settlement in the new valve cover compression, but that is the case when making an inspection of what was happening, I notice that the 4-valve cylinder being made of that contact with the piston corresponding to instruct them to review the clearance between valves and valve guides; Where to find that the valves used for that cylinder did not have clearance by the manufacturer KIA.
7. In July, the new engine is assembled and during the test run within the city tranca the engine due to improper installation screw on the lid straps of time, which causes failure of the length of time the belt .
8. In the first week of August to inspect the repair, I find two errors again, a pulley belt damaged because time had installed a long screw on the front cover that hit the pulley and the deformed. In addition to this, look at the screws of the steering wheel or rack coupling hydraulic torque converter, one of the 6 screws with the crankshaft was installed in various dimensions, hexagonal head, which leads, of course, an imbalance dynamic engine and rear differential weight bearing damage by vibration.
9. The Workshop will ask the assembly KIA Valencia, Venezuela, providing a technique to assemble the engine, which was completed in November.
10. In the same month of November, I called the Workshop Yuyi Motors, CA I reported that the box does not automatically change and that the vehicle will be delivered with cash-flow problems.
11. On April 22, 2009, I handed over the van with these anomalies or defects generated:

a. If Wipers blow fractured by installing the engine
b. Alternator noise, due to replacement of this by a similar damage attributable to causes Yuyi Motors, SA not to protect the assets of its customers.
c. Absence of the handle for operating the hand brake, the truck entered with all its accessories, personnel management Yuyi Motors, SA conciliation meeting reported that it was removed to assess the problem of the electrical box automatically changes, which I do not agree because if you look at the photo No. 3, lateral screws were not removed, but if the handle for other uses .
d. Damage due to corrosion of some components because of the storage time of my truck by delay in the repair, which I reaffirm, because if you look at the photo No. 4 can see the state of corrosion that has the horn or horn, which is an indicator the aggressiveness of the location of the workshop.
e. Grilles central air conditioning broken out .
f. The air conditioning does not cool and has no freon gas 134a.
g. Damage to the propaganda that has glass tracero.
h. Lost rubber floor protectors of the carpet.
i. Replacing petrol bomb allegedly installed a new pump used, petrol level indicator loose or installation of the seal between tank and pump, which causes the fuel to escape abroad with the danger of fire. See photo No. 6.

I felt as a Client and unprotected offended by bad service and poor quality service and attention I received from Yuyi Motors, SA located in the Municipality Lecheria, Anzoategui State, Venezuela. KIA damage these have caused me a great financial expense to keep my car in his workshop, situations causing stress and high pressure blood for me and my family for the upsets received.

I thank this Organization for the care and support they give me to get to the original manufacturer KIA Korea in order to be punished Workshop Yuyi Motors, SA located in Venezuela.

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      24th of Jun, 2009
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    . Complaint
    To the attention of KIA International CEO, I am writing to you today to inform you of the misfortune event that happened to me today June 20, 2009. At 0945 hrs I was travelling with my family for my long waited for vacation to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Suddenly the back left side tyer and the metal bar wich connects the tyer to the brakes of my Cerato car disengaged from its place and flew in the air. This caused my car to turn several turns which injured my four years old daughter. I was driving on 70 km/hr and I was just coming out of a U turn. I can not describe the panic and fright that my family faced. My child is crying continuosly and does not want to get into any car out of fear. We are now in the street and I called Kia help desk in sharm el sheikh and in Cairo more than ten times with no response. I seeked the help of two mechanics who informed me that this is a manufacturing error in the car and I will be seeking an Engineering firm to check the car and prepare a report proving that this is a manufacturing e! rror. Finally a representative called Ashraf answered and kept denying that this could have happened and is claiming that I must have had an accident. I have photos of the car and I am now reporting the whole issue to the Egyptian police authorities and will bring a full report of the situation. Also, I will bring a medical report with my daughter's injury. I was in the process of buying the new Cerato 2009 however after this situation, ruining my vacation, my family's fright, my daughter's injury and the cherry on top of the cake was the speed of service and attitude of KIA representative. I am disgusted from all what happened and I need to be compensated for all of this. This is not what I expected from a big company like KIA. I need an URGENT call from an International KIA representative as I do not want any more contact with the Egypt representatives. Regards, Tamer El Ghamry
    2. Request
    I need an URGENT call from an International KIA representative as I do not want any more contact with the Egypt representatives.I need to be compensated for all of this.

    Tamer El Ghamry
    Front Office Manager
    Ramses Hilton
    1115 Corniche El Nile

    Cairo 12344, Egypt

    Telephone: + 202 2577 7444

    Fax: + 202 2394 6938


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