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Kia of New Market / Falty cluch and flywheel

1 Canada

To whom it may concern:
I bought a car bought a car from this dealer on April and I came back to the dealer 2weeks later to tell them that the cluch of my car was not running well or smooth, they tolled me that it was just that it need oil. Again in June I pressed the same concerns and they still insisted that it was oil. They did not want to do anything about it. On sept 19th I brought back the car because the cluch was getting seriously stuck. They decided to take a look at it and it needed to be replaced. I had mentioned to them since I first bought the car that it needed to be changed but they refused. Finally they said if you wanted changed to have to pay for it. I was so upset that I decided to report them to BBB, which they did not response to them for nearly 6 weeks. I also contacted Omvic which they also had a hard time getting this matter resolved. Finally on November 20 I took the car to the dealer because the cluch was now sliding and I almost got into an accident on the highway with my infant child. I left the car there and they called me to tell me that the flywheel is also beyond repair and that I would have to pay them an additional $1000.00 to repair it. I was devasted!
I then seeked advice from the used car association in canada [protected] and spoke to Mr. Jim Hamilton (lawyer) which he in term adviced me to go to small claims court and get a certificate article 24. since the dealer said that he will call the financial institution for vulantary repposation of the car. The manager is Mr. Rory O'Connor. I went to my branch where I got the loan for this car and explained the situation and they said to me that he was just trying to scare me becausse my debt is with the bank and they have absolutely no problems with me because everything is up to date. Finally I have served them the certificate and now I do not have a car. I am very concern because Kia has power that they will get away with it. Further more I took the car prior to returning it Kia to the original manufacturers as indicated by Kia's manager to check the cluch and they tolled me that it is the responsibility of the dealer who sold me the car to replace it.
When I bought the car I asked about the full warrantee of this car and they did not tell that the cluch is not covered and that I would have to pay out of my own pocket. If they had advised me on it I would have made a better choice and bought another car. The point is I did not expect for this to happen to a car I bought from a reputable dealer such as Kia less then 6 months ago and brought back the car right away for them to deal with it. Furthermore according to their repair shop outlines it states that the cluch fluid should be changed every 60,000Km or 30 Months. I really trusted them that I was buying a car in excellent condition as they had stated to me.

Please I hope that my legitimate complaint can be heard and I could do somthing about it. I really I am concern because what else will go wrong with it. I hope that somehow I just can give back this car.

Patricia Calderon
5 United Circle
NewMarket Ontario
L3x 1X5

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