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A friend of mine went into the KFC in Payson, Az asked for the bug order of grilled chicken. She was told that it would be about a nine min. wait, she said that's fine. The manager or owner came out and said we are going to mix fried with the grilled because if we give you all grilled there won't be any left for any other customer if someone else wants some. She said no I want all grilled that I paid for. Manager said I can't give it to you.My friend said you would rather make me unhappy to sell the grilled chicken in smaller sets to maake more money she said yes. That's pretty poor service -don't you think. Manager was also saying something about her oven had just been fixed or something. That isn't the customers problem. This KFC had changed for a while now it's going right back to the way it was.People will quit going there again and they won't have to worry about cooking any chicken. I don't know how many times i've been in ther and they get my order wrong 1 out of every 3 times because someone is more interested in there cell phone than the customer.

Diana Russell
P>O Box 2331
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      Jun 19, 2009

    hey, go to and look at the kfc article. i don't know if you and your friend are strickly chicken eaters, but this was an interesting find on their grilled chicken.

    personally, their food has always made me sick.

    also, i checked out pamela anderson's website on kfc and it was horrible how they process the chickens.

    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Beef in the Chicken?
    by Mike Krumboltz
    30 hours ago

    438 Votes Oh, it's on now! El Pollo Loco (aka "the Crazy Chicken" to all you non-Spanish speakers) has called out its bitter rival Kentucky Fried Chicken over KFC's use of beef in its grilled chicken. Say what?

    EPL says that KFC is using "beef powder" and "rendered beef fat" in its highly touted grilled chicken sandwich. The maniacs at the Crazy Chicken have even launched a website,, that mocks KFC's reliance on moo meat. Oh, and commercials, too.

    A blog from the Consumerist quotes EPL head honcho Steve Carley as saying, "The use of beef ingredients in grilled chicken just seems wrong to me, and we believe most consumers would agree." You can almost smell the righteous indignation.

    KFC has responded, but not with a denial. Rick Maynard, a spokesperson for the Colonel's restaurant, acknowledged that his employer uses beef in its grilled chicken. He told the Los Angeles Times that "small amounts of beef flavors are commonly used in seasonings for many food products, for both restaurant and retail use." Additionally, according to KFC, the beefy flavors "account for only 0.2% of the total seasoning."

    Searchers are grilling queries on "beefy chicken" and blogs throughout the Buzz are sounding off. The Big Money reports that El Pollo Loco learned of KFC's use of beef from one of its Twitter followers. You can see the meaty evidence yourself on KFC's official website. Scroll down to page 14 of the KFC Ingredient Statement for, ahem, "the beef."

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      Oct 16, 2009

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