KFC / rude service

i was at Sunnybank shopping centre on the 26th August aorund about 7.30pm est i went to KFC and brought 2 meals one with a drink and a toy with other meal. the young lad slammed my food on table with attude didnt offer me a bag od=r nothin. i said 2 my children thats dumb not giving me a bag, the employee asked if i called him dumb i said yes u didnt even offer me a bag he said we are ###ing busy. i was appalled with the way he spoke to a customer i asked for the manager she came out and asked what the problem was told her what had happened and as i was telling her he told me piss off didnt want to hear my ###. He repeated himself twice and as he said this he was serving another customer. The manager did not apologised or take the worker off the register did not tell him to stop talking in that manner what so ever. she just stood there and smiled. there was no consequences what so ever for the way he spoke to me. U never talk like that to a customer no matter what the circumstances are. I noticed before he served me he was serving another customer and he had attitude with the customer and a lady had said to him u didnt give me serivettes with my order can i have one pplease and he gave her a pile with attitude again. I think this is very appauling attitude and no respect for his customers. He should of been dismessed on the spot/ taken off straight away and spoken to, but i seen none of the above. This should of been dealt with professionally and it didnt. I know my rights and what is/isnt approaite as i work in Retail myself and i would never act in that manner no matter what. The think the young lad was of indian by the name of Kritik and the manager was a young lass by the name of Jess, i only got their first names. i hope u can assist me with this matter and take appropiate action and hope to hear back from you Thank you for your time. Claudette Tyson

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