KFC / black friday specials

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On 25 november 2016, I bought black friday special. I was not able to redeem the vouchers since the branch staff had no idea / clue about the gift card special or the products. I had to wait for almost an half an hour while they were discussing the gift card voucher number and printout. I was not able was not able to redeem the gift card. What a humiliating and embarrassing experience since everyone was looking at me for holding up the queues. Surely staff are educated about specials running or products being launched. It would appear as if I have to forfeit my funds since no one has bothered to respond to my complaints and queries. The voucher was only valid for the friday. Too date no one has acknowledged my complaint or offered an apology and reimbursement for my for the embarrassing experience of not being able to redeem the valid voucher! My funds were debited from my account. Imagine I gave this as a gift to someone else. I would have had further embarrassment!

Dec 01, 2016

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