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If you want a quick low down on this one here it is; you're paying $49 (it's still $49, so the 'limited time' bs is a lie and that 'promo code' WON'T expire, it's just a ploy to get you to sign up quicker) to get into a site that tells you how to sign up for sites like Clickbank, where to advertise (btw, DO NOT fall for the bonus $75 they CLAIM you're getting for 'free' to use towards the Yahoo Marketing piece or even Google AdWords; I still have that SAME EXACT $75 going against my credit card!! AdWords AND Yahoo Marketing Campaigns are NOT that easy to set up, by the way, and if you ask people who have tried, they'll tell you the same.

I paid and signed up for this program on December 7th, 2007 and it took me until the 20TH to get a refund after being 'question hounded' by a rep wanting to know WHY I wanted my money back, even though they claimed on the site if you ended up wanting a refund before a set amount of time (I believe it's 30 days), they WOULD refund 'NO QUESTIONS ASKED!' (of course, it looks like they took that last statement off the site after my situation).

So it wasn't long before I decided after looking over all their 'secret material' that I decided I didn't need to pay $50 to to be told about these things and I wanted a refund. No problem, I thought; they stated no questions asked on their site and no one should have to explain why they decided against something anyways, especially when some of the material is false or so obvious you don't need to pay for it!!

It took me 2-3 days to get a response back after sending in a refund request. Only to be bombarded for the next couple of days by a customer service rep named 'Loria' about why I wanted my money back. I was nice about it at first, but after several emails (of which I STILL have proof) of being asked and then completely ignoring me, I did a search on the company. Wow, wasn't it convenient to find them listed in the 'Bad Business Bureau', and from what I researched, they had MORE than 1 complaint. They also had the company's name, address and number listed. So I decided to call, only to have the phone ring for minutes on end... no recorded message, nothing!! Just 'ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring...' you get the picture.

Finally, I got so fed up that I sent one last email (in ALL CAPS) threatening that if I didn't get a refund, that I would inform the respective members of my family that are currently involved with government agencies or veteran employees with strong connections (which is NOT a lie because I have family members with both). So what do you suppose I get but a suddenly prompt email on the 14th saying I've been refunded and to check my account, only to find NOTHING in it until the 20TH when they claimed I had received my refund on the 14th (NOTHING showed up in my account on the 14th, I checked regularly throughout the day).

I know currently they are ranked high on the Alexa hitlist (#68, 876), so they obviously get serious traffic, but I would like to hear from at least ONE person (and I'm NOT talking a company employee, owner, family member or friend of the owner) who hasn't had problems with them and HAS had success because of them!! I seriously doubt it if they're listed so many times in the BAD Business Bureau.


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