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key2crorepati.com, Apex Business Solutions, Apex Web Services, P.Suresh


Fraud by key2crorepati.com, Apex web services, Apex business solutions and P.Suresh

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Hello all,
This is to keep everyone aware that an scamster online site www.key2crorepati.com based on KBC format has been operating since long reportedly since 2001 from Hyderabad and is cheating and defrauding the poor innocent customers of their money with the Net Trick. Being an online game and service provider, no one perhaps ever thought to take action against this company after being cheated as one hardly any tangible or visible proof in this game to prove the fraud.
The promoter of the company is one P.Suresh and it is run by Apex Business Solution, or Apex Web Services, Hyderabad. To put authenticity of the firm, it has also put up the copy of PAN card of the company on the site. I came across this site when I searching something on net and smelling rat I thought to explore it. As the business model is such that it will run into definite loss if not done through trick, cheating and fraud. I contacted the tel.nos. and asked the way to get the keys. One person named Bamsi suggested me to deposit Rs. 100/- in the account number of company, for a key. I did the same and in total I paid Rs.400/- same day (29 July 10 to SBI account no.30240943287 in name of Apex Web Services) for four keys. They sent keys in my login account. Before, the actual facts of fraud here is brief background.
Background: The idea to fleece the people who want to on KBC but could not go, came to this gentleman (of course not!) that time. He make somewhat similar pattern of game but with net tricks. It has five levels of 15 questions each with 3 help lines for each game. Initially it used to sell key numbers for each level for Rs.20/- i.e. if want to play for level 1 with max prize of Rs.100/-, pay 20/-; if for up to the level 2 with max prize Rs.10000/-, pay Rs.40, and so on. And initially in 2001-02, perhaps he advertised that he has paid some winning amounts too to a few, which I now understand that it was simply a publicity stunt without real expense (as the people winning were perhaps his own persons as none of the tel. nos. are in use). It also went to some newspapers, in 2001-02, with some promotional pictures to get more and more persons to his site. Reportedly it had hits in range of 45000-60000 as the fever of KBC had just caught up those days. As for an average person with some knowledge who get excited after watching KBC and willing to test his luck certainly would hardly mind for Rs.20, 40 or even 100/- since the lure of prize is such. Company has also introduced subscription plans, whereby they send you a key everyday to play the game. They have demo game which allures you of easy money. And this way company must have earned a lot as many of the losers in the process, not understanding the intricacy of the net, would try again and again as it happens in case of a gamble. Now, one will think and ask how the company is doing that?
The Modus-operandi of Fraud: The game starts after you click the key. It throw you questions one after one. The programme captures and saves all your data including IP address, loginID etc. and there is hidden a part of conspiracy. The game goes on and if you go on replying correctly, at one point of time, it suddenly shows your correct answer as a wrong one and your game is disrupted. Surprised you click for right answer there, and it shows your selection as a different one and puts your actual selection as right one to you. In fact, this has been designed in such a way that you are left aghast. There is one similar problem posted by someone 4 years ago; here is the link: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1006022301116
Though as they keep on tracking the abuse report, one of them only has replied to the question/point claiming that how he answered the questions, and got 10000/- and spent that too. What an intelligent idiot! He should have gone on his way to become Lakhpati or Crorepati than flying in the sky with one shot of Rs.10000/-.
The second way is similar to first one. But only difference is that when you answer a question rightly, the result is wrong. And this time it doesn’t pertains to your last question. It reports that your last but one question was wrong in the way as above. Though an idiot also would know that without getting that last but one question right one, he would be never on the last answered question.
But the story doesn’t end here only. It has designed some question pools which has been set with absurd and wrong answers purposefully. The moment you click the right answer and submit, it shows that as wrong and your game is gone. Nevertheless, the result screen says that “if you think our answer is wrong and what answer you have selected is correct, then please submit the form below giving the detailed explanation along with the source like the web links, book with page number etc. And if your argument is correct then we shall send you a free key number retaining your winning amount in this game.” So you get some paltry Rs.5 or 10 (milestone amounts) mostly. But you can’t get this money even as you should be lucky, patient and gambler enough to reach winning amount to a total of Rs.300/- Rupees and then only you can claim this.
Now the next trick: They send you a key in lieu of their mistake. And they link you to a set of questions which you will faint to see, forget answering. For example the question asked for Rs.3 or 4 to me in similar case was : On which of following dates Tipu Sultan was killed: 10th May……, 2) 12th May….., 3) 8th May……, 4) 5 May 1799.
Mr. Bachhan will shy twice before asking this for even one Crore.
Same trick is applied to everyday subscription model in a wholesale where they assess your game level as well as their loss level, and start putting questions from hell.
In summary, you will die in 4 to 5th question. Even if, you dare, the cheating number 1 & 2 are enough to derail you again.

My evidences and Actions: I had sensed something wrong there and for that purpose, I have video recorded the games proceeding of screen so that they could not say ‘no’ to my claim. They also told me to compensate (as I have recorded and they can’t claim ignorance or false) but sooner they stopped to respond my mails and calls.
I have not only my recording but also their initial mail, their recording, which shows clearly the designed fault. As they can’t claim it as something new in system which they did not know (as it has been happening in the system for years), on this basis I am going to take them to court and I am framing the criminal charges against employees, owner and company, all together with consumer court case. The evidences are irrefutable and I am sure they will not be spared. I have already sent a copy of the letter to the company by email about my course of action.

Summary for you: Perhaps due to its ulterior motives, it could not be much popular as it can be seen that hardly there are any advertisers, business partners, or key resellers there despite their claim of running it successfully (with cheating ;)) for 10 years. But owing to growing high internet penetration and coming KBC-4 season, still new generation youths and internet users may fall prey to it.
Please, don’t fall prey to this or any such paid online games.
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