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I am providing some additional feedback on my last visit to Key Hyundai here in Jacksonville Florida. As your records show I did take my vehicle, a 2014 Sonata Hyb to this dealership for service. I already provided favorable feedback in a survey but have since adjusted the survey to reflect the actual experience. I will explain.

I guess whenever I take one of my Hyundai’s (I own two) to this dealership I am required to inspect the car to ensure that parts are put back where they belong and the service is actually performed. You see, I have absolutely no trust in this dealership anymore.

Once I received my car from the dealership after the service, an oil change, tire rotation and new wipers, everything seemed fine. We had not used the trunk area for anything until 03/11/2017 when we went shopping. Big surprise! Battery cover not put back in place, the top hat cover on the inside of the trunk is missing??? How absolutely carless and uncaring. I now have to deal with this dealership once again to get them to put my car back the way they received it. More waste of my time.

I really do not understand why there is no quality control, no concern for doing the job correct the first time, and no regard for customers time. Sure, I am confident I will get all kinds of apologies but that is not enough any more. I continue to receive poor quality service on both of my vehicles. I am concerned the service is even being done at all now.

As I stated, I own two Hyundai’s, the 2014 Sonata Hyb and a 2012 Genesis R-Spec. It’s the same story over and over again with both vehicles. Multiple trips to the dealership for a brake noise issue on the Sonata, finally resolved. Return trips to the dealership for my Genesis to have them replace parts that they broke, discovered after I got the vehicle back home. I could go on but I am guessing by now my point is made.

The vehicles themselves are good and we have been enjoying them. The issue is extremely poor service and an attitude of “beg forgiveness later”. I don’t want any more apologies, they are neither sincere or acceptable. Unfortunately, I will never purchase another Hyundai product. It would seem after the sale, the service is a big burden to Hyundai so they just don’t care about customers. Captive audience sort of thing.

I was employed at a dealership in the past and totally understand about how things work. I understand CSI’s and the like. I have tried to be more than fair so as to not discredit anyone because some careless, don’t care, technician, refuses to perform his or her job correctly. But now, this is the straw that has broken the preverbal camels back.

I am not asking for anything except put my cars back the way I give them to you! Be considerate of my time, fix it right the first time. Is that too much to ask?

My next correspondence goes to Hyundai, North America. I want someone in a top position to understand why between my family and neighbors whom collectively own eight, that’s right eight Hyundai’s are so disappointed to the point of never buying another one.

Mar 13, 2017

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