Key HealthBrainless and no care attitude

In January this year we changed our banking details for the medical aid, Key Health acknowledged this in writing - my daughter then had a claim which was to be refunded. After months, many phone calls and promises the money was paid into a closed or dead bank account that we had used about 5 years ago. We have been lied to on so many occasions and have now been told that we have to claim money from the bank which they put into with no authority. I then decided that I will not pay my monthly contribution until the amount has balanced itself out only to find that I have been suspended from the medical aid. These people do not have the decency to reply to faxes or phone calls and will not let one talk to their superiors and even our agent has thrown in the towel and cannot help - she says we must claim the money from the bank, I know one thing and that is try claim money that has been deposited into the wrong account - you will get nowhere - can somebody with a brain cell or two that works for Key Health please help...


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