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Key Automotive / Terrible company

1 United States
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I took my truck to them for a alternator and serpentine belt, two days later when they were putting truck back together they say that they noticed a radiator leak told them i just had a oil change couple days before from jiffy lube the stickers on window but for the sake of not arguing i told them to just put it in .Pick up truck next day and broke down on turn pike .Called manager at key automotive and he told me to have it towed back to his business.when we arrived he showed me the problem stating that when they put radiator in my car they didn't tighten valve going from radiator to transmission that's why transmission fluid sprayed everywhere over engine, manager told me it wasn't problem would have truck ready next day. Pick up truck next day, after a half hour of driving truck it starting shaking .Drop truck back off at key auto motive but it was closed so i left note in truck and key in drop off box.Next day they call me and said had someone drive truck noticed problem would take care of it .Next couple weeks they just keep telling me it would be done which lead to a month so i complained that i didn't have anything to drive which i was pregnant at time going through all this. They gave me a vehicle which the was two small cause i had three children at the time and was pregnant but figured i was getting truck back soon so i took car to get me buy.After another month of waiting they gave me cara van cause i told them i was due soon and needed more room .This is where i need help! i understand that they gave me vehicle to use but it still no reason to have my truck for 7 months.I still have to pay car insurance every moth for a truck i cant even drive.I am lucky i don't have car note or that would be more money I'm spending on a truck just sitting in a lot .Second problem if i take truck somewhere else i have to pay for they're mistake of not putting truck together right and i have to give vehicle back they gave me so i wont be able to get to around baby's appointments and other things like work soon.Ive already payed them for alternator and serpentine belt they have a check from my insurance company which is about to run out of time cause it hasn't been cashed for a part they said they had to order. I called the place where they told me they ordered it through and they said that the manager at auto motive canceled order. The manager told me before i talk to the people that the place went out of business so now i don't know if hes really going to fix my truck or not don't want to wait another 7 months to find out.


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