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1 Bonita Springs, FL, United States

A Timeshare broker said we would be sent a $1000 voucher to use online if our unit didn't sell in three months. They sent the voucher. There is nothing, NOTHING most people could use or would want. The item is "free" but the shipping and handling is 30% or more of what the MSRP. Minimum S and H is $16.95 so you could actually pay more for S and H than the item is worth. They have a few items in several catagories. One catagory is "Calculators." They don't sell any calculaters, but since I clicked it, "I might like one of the following items:" Yeah right. An umbrella will really help me balance my checkbook!

We should have known when they wanted $300 for listing and selling fees up front, that the $1000 deal was hooey!

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