Kerry Jacobson (Book Publicist) / Author Marketing

I hired Kerry just a couple months ago at the referral of a friend who had some success with him. He spoke about how he could set up a massive marketing campaign for my book, getting it to the WSJ, NYT, and USA Today bestseller lists. He sent me a money-back guarantee, and I unfortunately believed him. I paid him $9600 to start, and had my publisher drop the price of the book to 99 cents like he requested. Prior to the campaign he strongly encouraged me to pay him an additional $5000 to help with Nook sales, and that this would be a virtual lock on bestseller status. I wired the money to him, against my better judgement. The first week, we achieved about 1200 sales. He blamed the lack of bestseller sales on the Indian "Divali" festival messing with the servers. He said that we should extend it a week and that he 'never misses.' So we did. The next week we sold about 800 books. He tried to get me to pay him more during the second week, for additional Amazon sales, but I refused. We tried it one more time, several months later. There was no sign of a push from him the entire final week. When I requested my $14, 600 back, he said he paid more for the campaign than I paid him, and never gave me my money back. I feel completely ripped off. I am now seeking help from legal sources, but I doubt I will ever see a penny back from this guy. I wish I had never been introduced to him in the first place.

Mar 17, 2016

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