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Saint Cloud, FL, United States
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My name is Ralph, I'm a district Manager for a company of transporters, twice a month I have to ride with some of our drivers, not only to make sure there fallowing all company protocol but that their in compliance with all traffics rules and regulations, many life's depend on good driving skills, and many of ours hundreds of customers are satisfy our services .

So know that you know what I do, I think customer services go a long way, if we do not have a good customer relation how can we be running a business correct, I have stop 2 different location to eat today, one at a location Jacksonville there services are at 100% never complain they already know me by name .

So we just have a new account so we decided to drive Tampa Mannheim Auto auction to pick up few cars there, as a District Manager well I look for safety and service .

Restaurant #G135041, after I have purchase a total off $16.79, I not only was told by an associate we do not do test drinks you must purchased a drink to test a drink, I just purchase ticket # 3002 2 meals so I have not yet seat down down to eat I have not yet serve my drink, but I can't just try out in the cup I just purchased it a little bid of lemonade, I was told I have to purchased another drink, I'm confused so keep my head down walk away, I have been a customer for KFC since I was 16 years old, my dad used to take me and my sisters after church back then you even had some clean napkin's with smell of lemon to removed grease from fingers, does were good days, I'm 50 years old and the humiliation I have received at this location and as a district manager such behavior should not go unpunished termination, demotion and more, the store manager Josh and associates were just like I was cartoon car actor.

If I paid for a service I spec that service but here I could wait to get here at home and write . I could make few phone calls tonight, FDA, OSHA, OR EPA, BACK on time was respect, so I will like a company action against this so call managers and perhaps determined if there fit for the position the hold, a good manager will provided a good service, specially the economy we are in, are we to retain customer an to let them go some place else when for years it has been a family tradition .

May 1, 2017

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