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Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / management

1 Aiken, SC, United States Review updated:

I worked at the KFC on 1406 Richland Ave. After working there for eight months my landlord died forcing me to relocate and find another job. Within the eight months I worked there I watched my manager sit several female co-workers on his lap to talk while he attempted to convince members of the staff not to quit, and has screamed "God d@?! It" while we had several regular religious customers sitting in the lobby and his drive-throu mic was on. I have since left the company and have been trying to obtain my W-2 for the past month and a half. I loved working for the KFC company, we all felt like family on the team however after being belittled on a handful of times from my manager I have no further desires to work at that particular location. At this point I just want the run around to end with my W-2

Feb 13, 2018
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  • Fb
      13th of Feb, 2018
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    Fbi wanted:

    Ara khachatryan (dob 11/07/1969), an isis agent for syria operation, an armenian terrorist, residing in brooklyn, ny, currently fled from a cold murder case.

    Check the ad below in the link and the attached pictures of his shoplifting charges.


    If you see than dangerous sick man, age 48, call fbi or 911. thanks, patriots.

  • Na
      14th of Feb, 2018
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    Naira matevosyan renault and her mentally challenged son
    The author of this defamatory complaint

    Destitute, alcoholic, shoplifter naira matevosyan (renault)
    Naira renault, naira matevosyan: identity theft, libel, vulgar, and despicable behavior:
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    You are a monster, naira, you are a psychopath, and your libelous statements will be your final undoing. you have destroyed your own life, and you desire to destroy everyone of us because you are a psychopath with a psychopath ego and your delusions of grandeur are clearly conflicting with the reality of the results of the decisions you have made in your life. you are in deep shist, and you can not undo the damage you have done to so many good people. you are not good people in our judgement, you are a disgruntled psychopath. the worst kind of monster, and we will defeat you and you will not destroy our lives as you have destroyed your own.

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