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Kennesaw Police / Kennesaw Police

1 United States

Hi I am just a concerned tax payer here but you tell me that this is not worth complaining about...
A friend of mine was on myspace and came across these pics and sent them to me... We pay taxes so that the government can afford the necessities they need, like government issued vehicles and uniforms etc...right? So why is it I am looking at what I guess is considered a young lady leaning over the hood of a ploice car wearing black chaps and panties...I would believe she was being arrested if it hadnt of been for the huge smile on her face and the gentleman at the side of the car, who appears to possibly be a cop out of uniform and an officer behind the wheel...not too mention the other picture I am looking at now of yet the same girl now laying on her stomach on top of the same Kennesaw police car on the hood in her black chaps and panties...So tell me is this what I have to do to get out of trouble? I just want to know...what else is goin on? Does she get away with things because she wears next to nothing laying on their vehicles? I want to know where my taxes are goin...and I am sure there are plenty other people who would like to know also...Is this not illegal?!! I am soo appaulled and disgusted...not to mention this is embarrassing to the resident of Kennesaw Ga...I feel that this really needs to be addressed and atleast looked into before there comes an uproar from the citizens of Kennesaw...people already have a problem paying taxes period...imagine how they would feel if they discovered this picture like my friend did...

Just copy and paste the links in the above address bar {GIRL ON KENNESAW POLICE CARS}

Tax payer


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