Kennedy / Incompetent Accountant/Staff

1 Aylmer, QC, Canada

My husband and I hired H&R Block to do our taxes for last year as they were a bit complicated due to our move and other small factors. My husband got a refund as he worked last year and other factors. I thought they reviewed my paperwork carefully also but today I found out that they made a big error on my taxes. I was informed I was entitled to a refund and they submitted same and I was just waiting for my cheque from Govt of Quebec. They called me today and told me I owed money instead of a refund and it was the fault of H&R Block. I am fed up with H&R Block. Yes, we are all human but this mistake would have not been missed by a professional who was competent who knew what they were doing. A friend of mine in BC had told me that she encountered the same kind of experience. H&R Block told me they would pay for next year's filing and I have no faith in H&R Block to even clean my toilet.


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