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I went to Kennedi Auto Sales in Belleville, IL to purchase a reliable vehicle. When I got there, the salesman look like he was on some drugs. He told me that he will work with me on any purchase, so I walked around and found a 2004 Dodge Stratus I liked. He told me I could put $1200 down and trade in the other car I had. I test drove the car and I had some concerns, so when I addressed them he told me the car just needed a tune-up and it would be fine. Well after I went ahead and purchased the car, two days later the check engine light came on, so I went back to the shop, not once but once a week, paying for parts as they claimed each time the problem was solved. He had the nerve to still want me to give him the rest of the down payment as I paid for parts to get the car running right! After $1500 worth of repairs the check engine light still remained on. Just a couple of days ago, I have been paying on the car for almost 2 years, I got behind on my payments because I had to make repairs on the car. Only owing $1200 on the car, they reposed the car from my daughters house in St Louis, Mo. I had to pay $825 to get it back and still couldn't drive the car due to the repairs that had to be made. I will never refer or purchase another car from any Kennedi Auto Salesman again. Illinois is a "buyer beware" State, so if you are going to buy a car to repair it, you might as well go to a real dealership and purchase new car so you can enjoy it without making payments and repairs. Who wants to go broke on transportation that you want to rely on? Now I have no transportation and just got a broke down car out of repo to sit until I can get some more money for the repairs.

Dec 02, 2016

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