Kendall Ford of Wasilla AlaskaNot honoring contracts on warranty

Have purchased their premium care warranty. Electrical problem with the rear window defrost. They said that it was not covered because it was in the glass and that glass is not covered. Specifically states in their warranty that broken glass is not covered. My glass is not broken. It is an electrical problem just as stated on their repair work order from the mechanic doing the job that it is and electrical issue. Refused to honor this problem.

Secondly I purchased specific coverage for the leather seats for any damage that might occur. It listed out all the coverages which the damage to the seat is slight. Was told that they did not cover leather because of the experiences they had with the State Troopers from Alaska going into and out of their police cruisers with their guns on their belts. SORRY, but I do not carry a gun!
There is only 30, 334 miles on this truck and have changed the oil every 2, 000 miles. I have 5 other FORD vehicles on the road for my business

Jan 30, 2015

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