Kempster Ford / Poor Business Ethics

I went to Kempster ford and agreed a deal on the Ford Kuga. The deal was R319 000 plus leather of R8000 and smash and grab free on the road. I even sent pics of the vehicle colour i chose to my wife and got my family to come have a look at the car. My deal was approved by mfc at 15.5% which i told him was very high. He came back to me and offered me a deal of 14.5%. I told the salesperson the rate was still to high. He then negotiated it and gave me 12.5% which i agreed. An otp was sent to me that showed the vehicleat R334 733. I called him and told him that that was not the deal discussed. He told me he was sorting it out. When i got there he went and spoke to the manager and he said that i must take another colour as the vehicle was in demand and couldn't discount the white. My question to cmh is is this the way you treat customers. You lie to customers and to get business. I am a salesmen but i don't lie to people to get the business done. Im a very angry customer at this time as my wife was expecting the car for our wedding anniversary.

Mar 01, 2016

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