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Kemp Windows & Siding / Terrible company

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Kemp sells Mastershield Gutter Protection in Richmond, VA, Fairfax, VA, Springfield, VA, etc. Kemp has hired salepeople and trains them to lie to their customers. Kemp in Virginia has their salespeople sell Mastershield Gutter Protection at a ridiculous markup. During training, as well as in the Mastershield training manual that he wrote up, he trains the salespeople to lie to the potential customers about things such as the '4 Step Kemp Guarantee.' He has the salespeople say that their crews are 'factory trained and certified.' At Kemp Windows and Siding, this is not true. At Kemp, I left and wasn't paid over $3500 that was owed to me as a salesperson. Bill Kemp then proceeds to make sure that he could figure out a way to never pay me. When I was hired, I was promised a bonus check at the end of every month; however, at the end of the month, he figures out a way to change the rules so that I was never paid a dime. Not only that, but after leaving, he decided he wouldn't pay me the commissions I was owed while selling tens of thousands for him. I was one of the top reps for his company, and Bill Kemp at Kemp Windows and Siding in Virginia made sure that I wasn't paid a dime after leaving. Another person I know has already filed a complaint with the Dept. of Labor in Virginia. This person was an employee for the company and is filing a lawsuit against Kemp Windows and Siding based out of Richmond, VA.

Never work for Kemp Windows and Siding. It is a scam. You will leave being owed thousands of dollars. You will be trained to lie to potential customers to close the deal.

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  • Jo
      6th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    the person who wrote this looks like a mad ex-employees and they don't realize the company can come back and sue them for millions.

  • Up
      13th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I contracted with Kemp and then canceled the contract within the 3 day cancellation period. Kemp cashed my deposit check anyway. Each time we contact Bill Kemp he claimed that he "will put it in the mail this week". It has been 3 months and we have not received a dime back. I filed a claim here in Fairfax County court. I will see him in court! I also filed a complaint with the BBB. He already had 1 other complaint of this nature within the last 12 months and 2 other complaints on the service they provided. I STRONGLY urge everyone to NOT DUE BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. The sales rep has never responded to my request for my money. I wonder if this is a practice they are taught as well!

  • Fr
      9th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    They only had 3 complaints in 15 years!! That ain't bad!

  • Fr
      9th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This is why sites like this get a bad name. Ex employees should not be allowed. Chances are this isn't the only employer these employees have ever had a problem with. I hope the company sues this ex employee for millions!

  • Sc
      11th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Kevin Kemp (the salesman) - he is a liar and will lie to you to get your business. He even lied about his own name. (Introduced himself as Kevin Lee).

    He promised "factory certified" installers but the windows they installed for me leaked in the first storm.

    Bill Kemp is a thug (the brother and the owner) - he will muscle you with his thuggish attitude if you try to make them accountable for their mistakes.

    This is not an ex-employee but a real customer complaining.

  • Bi
      8th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Obviously this person has never contacted me personally. If things are this bad contact me now at Bill

  • Tm
      29th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Kemp does not handle the Fairfax, Springfield, or any of the Northern Virginia area for Mastershield. I do, and can assure any customers that MasterShield can only be purchased through MastershieldVA/DC/MD. Please go to our website at

  • Di
      7th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I a m a recent ex-employee and can tell you this. EVERTHING negative said here about Kemp the Company and Bill Kemp the man is true. He is an extremely dishnorable and untruthful person.

    There's no way anyone talking bad about this company or owner can be sued...when they speak the truth!

    Overpriced, just in it for the money. Then mismanages the money and customers have to wait forever for installation. Some as much as six months. Seen it and know it to be true. When sales people leave (usually because they are tired of all the lies) they almost never get their outstanding commissions.

    Not sure which is larger, Bill's mammoth ignorance of basic business practices, his total disregard for everyone but himself, or his Ego which somehow makes it all seem OK to act the way he does.

    Do yourself a favor and RUN away from this company.

    FYI: The customer remarks above about taking forever to get their deposit back after cancelling is a TRUE story. Know all about it and it happened as they said.

  • Bi
      19th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well I am tired of ex-independent contractors who did not read their independent contractor agreements slandering my company and my name. I have attached for everyone to read the Independent Contractors Agreement that all of the names below signed:
    Thomas S. Ellis aka Tom Ellis wife Alexa Ellis of Aqua Blue Creative Marketing in Atlanta Georgia
    Timothy A. Hiles aka Tim Hiles
    Jeffrey A. Schultes aka Jeff Schultes
    William Rodd aka Bill Rodd

    The Independent Contractor agreement is designed to protect the company and the customer from being taken advantage of. However when people don't read their agreements they sound ignorant when they lash out at the company they were involved with. It is funny how all of these ex-sales people claim that I told them to sell at ridiculous prices... they were independent. As a company we gave them a price range to sell in. They were not to go over or below that range, no different than any other products that are sold by sales people like cars, boats, etc. I designed a way for the reps to give our homeowners a discount off of the list price, however Jeff Schutes sat in my office and pleaded with me that I was taking money out of his reps pocket by making them discount. So, I adjusted the sliding commission scale so they could discount like I wanted and still earn their top commission percentage. It funny how these guys never said the prices were inflated when they ran around selling everyone they could and they never complained when they received their commission checks on Fridays. I challenge anyone to look at where I sold my customers compared to any of these guys complaining. I ALWAYS gave my customers a very nice discount.

    I want you to understand that every company has policies and agreements and these people were fully disclosed before they were even trained! Our policy is if you sell a job you MUST GO BACK AND VISIT THAT HOMEOWNER AFTER COMPLETION OR YOU WILL AND CAN LOSE YOUR BACK END COMMISSION. Please read it below in the independent contractor agreement they all signed! Look for the paragraph with the ***.

    The Kemp Company
    3005 Mechanicsville Turnpike
    Richmond, VA 23223

    Independent Contractors Agreement

    The Kemp Company, located at 3005 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia (hereinafter call “Dealer”) is engaged in designing, selling and distributing replacement windows, vinyl siding, and roofing to homeowners through a network of independent contractors (hereinafter “Contractors”).

    _______________________________ with a principal place of business at __________________________
    _______________________________ desires to be an Independent Contractor for the purpose selling to homeowners and authorized prospects of the “Dealer”. As such, contractor understands that “Dealer” is due all monies arising out of contracts which contractor signs with customers and which “Dealer” accepts in writing. In return, contractor receives a commission set forth in the attached “Commission Sheet”. If the customer does not complete the transaction properly, contractor is not entitled to a commission for it. While “Dealer” may advance contractor commission on a sale before completed, Contractor understands that if a transaction for which Contractor has received a commission is not completed, such unearned commission shall reduce the amount of commissions owed to Contractor or Contractor must repay such advances to “Dealer”.

    Contractor shall set up his/her own appointments, or can receive “Company” appointments set up by “Dealer” for times acceptable to customer. The cost of such “Company” appointments is set forth in the attached commission sheet.

    It is explicitly acknowledged that Contractor shall represent other dealers and manufacturers during the same term of the agreement without restriction, except that under no circumstances may contractor use a “Company” appointment to sell products or services similar to window and siding products sold and distributed by “Dealer”.

    Contractor, at his/her expense, shall comply with, and obtain all licenses and permits which may be required under, any applicable Federal, State, or local law, ordinance, rule or regulation (including but not limited to any Home Solicitation Act) by virtue of any acts performed by Contractor under this Agreement. Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold “Dealer” harmless from any breach of said laws by contractor.

    Contractor explicitly acknowledges the fact that Contractor is not and will not be treated as an employee of “Dealer” respecting such services under this agreement for federal and state tax purposes. Neither Federal nor State income tax will be withheld or paid by “Dealer” on contractor behalf. Contractor is solely responsible for maintaining any records required by law in connection with his/her business, and for all reporting and payment of all payroll taxes, expenses and insurance pursuant to any federal, state, and local laws. No employees or agents of Contractor shall be deemed to be employees, and is solely responsible for the payment of any and all contributions, taxes and assessments and shall meet all other requirements of the Federal Social Security, State Unemployment Compensation and Federal, State and local Income Tax withholding laws on all salary and other compensation.

    The only warranty applicable to the “Dealer’s” products or services are those which are in writing and given to Contractor. “Dealer” or its suppliers or Sub-Contractors will honor no other warranties, expressed or implied.

    Contractor acknowledges that all Kemp Company, service marks, trademarks, trade names and emblems are the sole property of “Dealer”, and that Contractor may use them only during the term of this agreement. Upon termination of this agreement, Contractor will immediately and permanently cease (a) exhibiting or in any way using service mark, trademark, trade name, or emblem and (b) engaging in any other activity which would tend to indicate that Contractor is authorized to sell or service The Kemp Company products or represent “Dealer” in any way.

    Contractor has the option of attending training sessions given by “Dealer”. This Is Not Required. Those who choose to attend will be charged a fee of $10.00. If Contractor claims he/its employees/agents is/are already qualified to properly demonstrate the product, to insure against claims in the nature of misrepresentation and/or misconduct, before “Dealer” engages contractor, a mock sales presentation shall be performed before one of the sales managers, by everyone who intends to go out on a appointment.

    *** Contractor shall also be required to conduct a “Walk Through” with the customer, once customer’s job has been completed. This “Walk Through” shall be done immediately after installation, and customer and contractor shall sign a “Customer Completion Certificate”. This policy is designed to ensure the customer of quality follow up by their Contractor. THIS IS REQUIRED. Failure to turn in a completed signed completion certificate will force “Dealer” to retain back end commission for said job. If said Contractor is not available or no longer with The Kemp Company to service customer, then The Kemp Company will service the customer and use the back end commissions earned by said Contractor to service the customer as needed.

    This agreement is non-exclusive to both parties, and may be terminated at any time in writing by mailing notice of termination to the other party. Any fliers, sales aids, or any other products provided by “Dealer” to “Contractor” must be returned to the “Dealer” within 3 business days after termination of this agreement or the “Contractor” will be sued for judgment of no less than $1, 000.00.

    This agreement supersedes all prior agreements, if any, between the parties, and it constitutes the entire agreement between them. This agreement may be modified only by writing and signed by both

    X_________________________________________ (Contractor) Date _____________________________
    H) _____________________C)____________________(Contractor Phone#)

    X_________________________________________ (Company Authorized Agent)

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