Kelly Nissan 4300 West 95th St / Customer service

1 Chicago, IL, United States

I purchase a 2016 Nissan Altima on july 22, 2016, I called my sales person back with a question, left a message and never receive a return call, I call again no return call, so I stop by the dealership, he was not there, someone else ended up helping me.I receive a survey in my email about the service, I receive a call 3 weeks later about the scores on the survey, he was very rude, told me he did not deserve the score that I had giving him, he didn't make any money on my purchase, First of all he didn't give me anything I made the purchase and to call me about a survey lets me know I will never make a purchase with Nissan or refer anyone to Kelly Nissan on 95th st, I had to hang up the phone because he became very argumentative

Aug 12, 2016

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