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Last year I paid Kelly Enterprises $99.00 to assist me in finding housing. They never called with properties. They said that they couldn't find me anything because I have a dog. Shouldn't they have said that to begin with? They gave me the run around about giving me my money back saying that I had to have an appointment to submit papers stating that I wanted my money back. After 5 weeks I called them and they ended up sending me a denial letter saying that I couldn't have my money back !!! This is a ghetto establishment with ghetto looking employees!! Beware of who you give your money to, looking for help.

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      Dec 08, 2011

    This place is a joke and this is about the third complaint I have seen about these theives. They will take your money and send you maybe one or two emails about properties and nothing else and when you try to get your money back they make sure to make it impossible for you. You can not get a hold of anyone, but when you gave that money, oh everyone was waiting and available for you. This place is a big ole fraud and shady shad SHADY people work there. They will lie right in your face and could care less about finding you anything...they want that lil 99.95 so bad. Very sad how people will lie for that lil bit of money. Don't even look at the building, you would be better off asking a crackhead to help you. They would do a better job.

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  • Mi
      Dec 16, 2011

    Since the post above, I have had a change of heart because shortly afterwards, the owner did reach out to me to hear my concerns and the problem was resolved. I was given information about the company's process, the contract was revisited and was reassured that Kelly Enterprises did in fact try to locate a place of residence for me based on my critieria. I was impressed because my voice was heard and many times, companies will not take your opinions into consideration at all. They just read you the policy and tell you there is nothing that they can do. Dannette Kelly the owner was determined to make sure that my needs as a client was met and did everything possible to solve any concerns and misunderstandings that I had. . I would suggest this company to those who are in search of a place of residence and will advise clients to make sure to read and understand the contract prior to signing to avoid any confusions. If you have questions, the staff will assist you.

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