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Keller Graduate School - Schaumburg / Bad Service

1 Schaumburg, IL, United States Review updated:

First of all, I would like to point out that overall, I think very high of Keller Graduate School. Most of my experience here has been excellent, however when I transferred to the Schaumburg center things seemed to go down hill very fast. Suddenly my student loans are not dispersing correctly, holds are being placed on my account for no reason, courses are being cancelled, it is impossible to get help from an advisor unless you are a new student, and just overall things are not being handled in a professional manner. I am seriously debating driving back to Naperville to take classes, as their staff seems to be much more helpful. I would hate for Keller's excellent reputation to be tarnished by such bad service at this one center, but I had to share this experience because I would hate for another student to end up in my situation. I almost dropped my classes completely because I was so frustrated with the service at this location. I definitely will be transferring back to my original location after this session ends.

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  • Rn
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    Keller Graduate School has bad service at each location. I am currently enrolled in a graduate certificate. I finished my masters in June but decided to get the certificate because I do not have a job. Well anyway I just found out that one of my loans were canceled and I have a balance of 3000. This loan was disbursed in July 2008. A YEAR LATER it was just canceled. The loan was certified then canceled then recertified and canceled and again recertified and canceled. The people here in Atlanta DO NOT know what they are doing. I am not going to finish my certificate. I've had enough.

  • De
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    I just completed my classes at Keller and less than 2 weeks before the semester ended they mysteriously cancelled all of my student loans for FAFSA year 09-10. The distraction of this was difficult finishing the last class. I had to challenge a grade for a professor not reading one of my papers and then giving me a bad grade for something in my paper that he said wasn't there when it really was. The exasperation of that grade challenge wasn't as bad as the last class when I got a lower grade than my group members. I think student evaluations being given serious credence at the level of education illsutrates the questionable practices in play. Basically, we were all busy and everyone did their own piece of the project and somebody didn;t give me a decent evaluation while the other 2 did provide a good review. The amount of bush league crap and unprofessional posturing I have encountered at this school over these types of issues is not worth your time. The lack of class offerings making it impossible to maintain a schedule for graduating without attending 4 campuses is not as frustrating as arguing about with the adminsitrators who don't care and just tell you to take Internet classes. If you feel strongly about not wanting to go online, you can count on being persuaded to take inline classes everytime you bring this up. Also, plan on some corporate 'siloing' as each center will compete for your business. Count on your FA being screwed up everytime you ask someone to look at it. Non-existent job placement services. Inexperienced and rude asministration that further exasperates your experience with perpetual incompetence. Masters of Bonehead Adminsitration with a Concentration in Bush League Idiocy

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