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The slowest delivery in the world. They would surely win this prize if it really existed. People should stop sending you money without getting anything back.
And by the way, speaking of the delivery. I never received my order. Never got any information regarding its status. Of course, I tried to contact them many times, but I either got scripted responses or nobody picked up the phone or I was just hanging on for hours waiting to hear a human voice.
A service like that is called TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE. A company that treats its customers this way is called a scam.

Oct 22, 2017
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  • Na
      Oct 30, 2017

    I actually received the Londoner "hoodie", but it would have been better and easier if I hadn't. It's a knockoff from China, the company is a sham and ran by scammers.
    1st-they kept assuring ppl on their post that returns were made to CA. 2nd-Like I said, knockoff. It looks nothing, and I mean nothing, like the ad photo. It isn't even made from the materials they claim it is. 3rd-Sent me the right tracking info, then some how sent the wrong info a week later saying it was delivered in a different city and state then where I actually live. 4th-When it came, no invoice or paperwork whatsoever. None, zip. And yes, it came from China. 5th-So terrible. It's not even a hoodie, it's a crappy cowl neck like...tarp. That's what it looked like, a tarp shaped like a triangle. I got the 4xl because I am very busty, still didn't fix right. The arms, goodness, they cut off my circulation in my biceps. They were also so long, the thumb holes were useless. They should have been about 3 to 4 inches shorter. The cut, its f'ing ridiculous. It drapes nothing like the photo. The "pocket" on the front? Lol, it's an oversized rectangle just stiched on the front. Trust me, it's the biggest picece of junk you will ever waste money on. 6th-They lie in their emails, posts and Return Policy. Get this: policy says don't return to manufacturer, but if you do get an email from them, it tells you to send it back to China BECAUSE they aren't the producer so it has to go back. AND that you need to include a receipt, a receipt you don't get. Shipping to China is the same, if not more than the cost of the item. So essentially you get nothing back, because yep, they don't refund shipping costs.
    I had to dispute it through Paypal to get my money back. PayPal has the California address on file, the address Keen and Social provided themselves as a return address to PayPal. I sent K&S an email stating I was sending it back there, per PayPal's policy, and they sent me an email back saying I WOULDN'T get a refund if I sent it there. Unfortunately for them, their scare tactics weren't working on me. It was no longer their decision if I got a refund or not.

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