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My daughter purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Keating Chevrolet in January 2012. The dealership DID NOT take care of the pay off on her trade in for over 60 days causing her to have to make 2 car payments via automatic debit and one loan payment that was also included in the trade in. She is now out $857 on a vehicle she did not have possession of, nor owned.

When trying to resolve this situation with the dealership, she was bounced around from one person to another, promised a full refund time and time again from the sales person, the finance department and the general manager. Nothing ever happened. She sent in her warranty cancellation in February and they lost the paperwork.

In late March of this year, the new owner of the dealership cleaned house. Everyone was fired and replaced in one day. Once again, my daughter was bounced around from one new person to another with no resolve. Finally, she was told that a check would be cut and waiting on her to pick up so we went Saturday, March 31st to the dealership like we were asked to do. My daughter was exhausted from trying to deal with these people and asked me to come with her to talk to them.

We arrived at the dealership at 9:00 and were told that there was no check. We were supposed to meet a person by the name of George. We were told that he was not even going to be in that day and we would have to wait for the general manager, Mr. Campise. We were sitting outside so we could smoke and a man came up to us and starting discussing the problem. He did not introduce himself until we asked who he was. He did not even invite us into his office to talk. We had to sit out in the hot sun. This man is one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met. He reminded me of a very sleezy used car salesman.

He told us that there was no one at the dealership who could cut or sign a check and he would address the situation. He stated that he would have a check no later than 10am, April 2nd. I told him that I was calling GM and registering a complaint against the dealership and that I expected him to keep his word. He asked me why I was trying to beat him up. I told him that it was because he had been involved with this issue for some time even though he denied it. We showed him the emails he had previously sent to my daughter and he retracted his statement immediately.

On April 2nd, there was no check as promised. I called the executive offices of GM and opened a case with them. GM got involved right away and the dealership did cut a check on the 3rd, late that afternoon. My daughter received the check on the 4th and it was $398 short. The dealership states that it overpaid the payoff to Bank of America (which they did due to them waiting 60 days to make the payoff). They said because of this over payment, they were not responsible for the remaining monies as Bank of America refunded the title holder of the car and not the account where the payments were being made from (my daughter's account).

We are still fighting the dealership on this. My daughter was forced to make the payments on the car she traded in. The payments were made to Bank of America via automatic debit. The dealership dropped the ball by delaying the payoff on the trade in, the bank refunded the wrong account and no one wants to correct the issue. We are still working with GM to resolve this, but I highly recommend that NO ONE does business with this dealership. They are irresponsible and do not own up to their serious mistakes. To date, the $398 is still owed to my daughter.

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      15th of Oct, 2012

    i am dealing with this same gut george and not returning my calls

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      15th of Oct, 2012

    I can not get my down payment back from this same auto dealer.. I cant get any one to even come to phone and tell me why they are keeping my $1300 downpayment that I gave them towards a car I didnt buy... I am filling for fraud againest them with the attorney general and dmv.. the wanted me to lie about puttiing $2000 down to a lender and I refused to do so so I took the car back and that was 3 mths ago and no one willl return my call...

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  • Di
      3rd of Jan, 2013

    I absolutely hate this place. They took me through a lot of craziness when I purchased a car from them. Once they got me to sign on the dotted line I was pushed around from person to person trying to get things done that was promised to me in the deal. I was also misinformed and misguided in my car deal but none of it mattered to them because I had already signed the finance papers. I complained and complained and complained again and still was not satified. Needless to say I am in a car that I would rather not have beacuse of the lies and misleading information they gave me on the deal. I dealt with more than 5 people in that dealership for my car deal and none of them did what they were supposed to do. I have had the car since October 2012 and still have not gotten everything they were supposed to do. I do not even have my license plate yet and I've made 3 payments on the car already. Just last week I was called and told I needed to bring the car in for an emissions text before I could get my plate. This has been the worse car sales experience of my life and I would never recommend this place to anyone. Just last night They were ont he news because two of their employees sexually assualted one of the young underage receptionist girls there and her father found out.

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  • Ge
      13th of Dec, 2013

    My son purchased a vehicle from John Keating in Winnie Tx. My son had to make 3 payments on the trade-in vehicle before Keating paid it off. I don't know how this guy got another dealership. I thought GM ousted him. Apparently GM doesn't care if crooks are selling their product. Anything to sell cars I guess.

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  • La
      27th of May, 2014

    This place is a JOKE and so is EVERYONE that works there. LIES LIES LIES!!! I also have been waiting on two checks, one is for gap insurance refund and the other is for the exstended warrenty. I keep getting the run around, won't return my calls, i keep showing up in person and still nothing. I WANT MY MONEY, Can someone PLEASE tell me what i can do to get some help here.

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