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My complaint with Modern Marketing System is identical to everyone else's. My purpose here is to warn everybody that they have created another company to come back and capitalize on fixing those lousy sites they made. It's call Marketing Acceptance Company and for $29.95 a month they will take those "distressed site" and get them to make money.

I have checked with the Arizona corporate division and it is in fact James Cavalier that has that trade name registered. I trust all of you who have been screwed by MMS must know that name almost as well as Jim Ford.

Be aware that they may contact you. They will claim they are a different company. Listen to the ### you talk to and it will sound just like MMS, because it is.

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  • Du
      24th of Feb, 2010

    My experience is the same. Jim Ford called me on Feb 22 to tell me about Market Acceptance Company. He is employed for several months by Market Accept Co. to contact former MMS clients to help them out by offering to build the sites and get with Click Bank to collect $ for us. They are taking over the "distressed accounts" of Mod Marketing Systems (MMS). He said MMS had trouble with Google that Google changed their policy 3 times so couldn't get the microsites going. Also, that if we wanted a chance to get our money back we should sign the Market Acceptance Hosting agreement for $29 a month!!! If we don't sign then we have no chance to get out money back. Jim Ford said that MMS filed for bankruptcy so wouldn't be able to get any $ from them. Jim Ford faxed me a copy of the Hosting agreement. About a half pager, no logo, no phone #, no address. Whoa!
    How and who do we start class action suit? I would be in.
    Carl at Marshalltown, IA

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  • El
      27th of Apr, 2010

    I had trouble contacting MMS & they also compromised my credit card. It had charges from United Kingdom. Now along comes Market Acceptance Company. Phone calls are not returned. My credit card has three $29.95 charges on my last statement. The micro-sites have never been available. This all started in December, 2008. The agreement said I could ask for an audit & if the sites didn't earn more than my original cost, the difference would be refunded - they will keep the sites. Can't get response to that promise. Need help...
    Eldon @ Covington, IN.

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  • Pe
      27th of Apr, 2010

    I am in the same boat. Jim Ford actually told me today to stop whinning and hung up on me!!! Good for business! I called back to having no one there able to answer any of my questions. I would be VERY interested in a class action suit. Has anyone got their investment (I use the term loosely) back!???? Some feed back would be great!

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  • Ca
      25th of Jun, 2010

    I can't imagine why the Attourney General of Az. has not stepped in and put a hault to this business and forced MMS to refund money to all that purchased this fraud. Jim Ford should be strung up by his ( you know what.) I had the same experience that everyone else has complained about and am supposed to talk to a rep from Market Acceptance Company today. They have been charging my credit card, without authorization, and three times last month so I cancelled my card and turned them in to the fraud dept. for investigation. Wait till I talk to this guy today. Is he going to get an ear full.

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